Alaskan Bush People Star Matt Brown Will Be Spending Christmas ‘On His Own’ Rather than ‘Alone’

Alaskan Bush People Star Matt Brown Will Be Spending Christmas ‘On His Own’ Rather than ‘Alone’

As Alaskan Bush People alum Matt Brown continues to share his life and recovery experiences, we’ve also seen more of his home and environment. In the past, Matt Brown has given fans a tour of both his home and his workplace, where he works as an orchardist. Now she’s taking us into the kitchen to give her followers a front-row seat to her cooking expertise.

And let’s just say he makes some unusual choices with his cutlery. As the pan full of fried onion rings sizzles, we see the Alaskan Bush People star using a field knife to turn each piece. Maybe he’s taken a leaf out of his little brother Bear’s book and learned to cook like an ‘King of Extreme’, or maybe he’s just out of clean spatulas.

Fortunately, however, the onion rings look like they would have done well in oil, whatever the cook’s choice of utensils.

During the video, the Alaskan Bush People alum explained that although he is not currently addressing mental health issues, he will create a new video before Christmas. Previously, Matt Brown promised his fans that he would talk about the various issues that recovering addicts and people facing other internal struggles face during the holidays.

Already, he has given his followers a number of coping mechanisms, including moving meditation, following routines and learning about brain chemistry and how it responds to recovery.

Alaskan Bush People Star Matt Brown Will Be Spending Christmas ‘On His Own’ Rather than ‘Alone’

All of these topics are lessons the Alaska Bush People star had to learn at some point in his recovery process. After leaving the show, Matt Brown went to rehab several times, where he learned how to deal with his drug and alcohol addiction.

Now, Matt Brown finds that his videos not only help others in similar situations, but also help him to process his emotions and reflect on the problems in his life.

Of course, the most pressing issue in the days leading up to Christmas is that Brown is spending Christmas far away from the rest of the Alaska Bush People. Despite mending relations with his father Billy before his death in February, Matt Brown still has problems with the rest of his family, including his mother and several siblings. Most of the problems stem from the money he earned from his participation in the show.

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