Alaskan Bush People: What Happened Between Raiven and Bear Brown?

Alaskan Bush People: What Happened Between Raiven and Bear Brown?

Bear Brown is one of the cast members of Discovery Channel “Alaskan Bush People”. The series of reality documentaries revolves around the Brown family – parents Billy and Ami Brown and their ever-growing brood – as they navigate the wilderness to build and sustain their lives away from civilization. They live so far from society that sometimes months go by without seeing an “outsider”.

Bear Brown, whose real name is Solomon, is one of Billy and Ami Brown’s many sons, and his main job is hunting animals for meat. Ever since he was a child, Bear Brown has loved the deep, dense forests. He is a very skilled hunter and tracker and loves any kind of outdoor activity that puts him in a forest.

Alaskan Bush People: What Happened Between Raiven and Bear Brown?

Currently, the 32-year-old Bear Brown is single and unmarried after recently stepping out of a tumultuous relationship. He almost married 22-year-old Raiven Adams last year. Raiven Adams and Bear Brown first met in 2018 at Bear’s brother’s wedding. Raiven assisted her mother, who had been hired as a photographer for the wedding. Bear and Raiven met shortly after and were in a hurry in their relationship. In August 2019 they made their relationship public and announced their engagement.

After a fairly short engagement period (two weeks), Bear and Riven took to social media again to announce their seemingly amicable split and said they had decided to remain friends.

However, a day later, the pair received a surprise when they found out that Riven was pregnant. Commenting on the news, Bear and Riven told fans that they are excited to become parents and decided to share a life together as friends because they both want to raise a happy and healthy child.

The couple got back together in October 2019 for a few weeks before it was finally over. Their on-again-off-again relationship has become increasingly messy. Raiven has accused Bear Brown of mental and emotional abuse and says he has exhibited erratic and violent behavior.

Raiven is reported to have issued a protection order against domestic violence against him in February 2020, but three days before the birth of their child, he revoked the restraining order. Raiven also accused Bear of committing verbal violence and even withholding food and money from her as punishment.

At one point Bear Brown wasn’t even sure that the child was his, but later he came up with paternity claims that tried to establish himself as the baby’s father, so that he would have equal rights as a parent. Since March 2020, the two have been engaged in a tedious custody battle, which only led to an agreement in August.

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