Mama June: From Not to Hot: Has Alana Thompson Lost Weight?

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Has Alana Thompson Lost Weight?

Alana Thompson’s weight loss efforts seemed to be stalling a little, but Ella Grace encouraged her and read out exercises. That Alana was struggling at all came from her sister Lauryn Shannon. And what else is there to do when two sisters and a lovely niece can all get out of the house for a proper workout?

It seems that June Shannon’s daughter finally realises that their whole family is experiencing an unhealthy lifestyle. So the Mama June: From Not to Hot star joined in.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Has Alana Thompson Lost Weight?

Wetv shared a clip of Lauryn Shannon, her daughter Ella Grace and her two sisters working out. In an on-camera interview, Alana noted that her entire family seems to have a weight problem. And, they don’t exactly live the most “healthy” lifestyle.

In addition, she noticed that her sister, Lauryn Shannon, is literally “melting” before her eyes. InIn fact, Lauryn Shannon’s fans noticed that she lost a lot of weight when she shared her Valentine’s Day post for her husband Josh..

Meanwhile, The Sun UK noticed that Lauryn Shannon said she is eating less, “drank water” and working out hard to achieve her goal. Clearly motivated, Alana Thompson is working on her own weight loss.

Mind you, she looked a little reluctant in the clip. But at the urging of her big sister Lauryn Shannon, she joined in. Sweating, panting and panting, Lauryn Shannon encouraged her to keep going. And so they all continued, doing little breathing exercises in between the various exercises they did outdoors on the lawn.

InTouch Weekly reported that Alana started her weight loss journey late last year. She posted a photo of herself “wearing an oversized Nike T-shirt with black leggings and white sneakers”. Fans of Mama June immediately noticed that she looked a little skinnier. And they like that she takes care of her health and fitness.

It’s possible that June Shannon’s lifestyle and a bit of genetic inheritance meant that Alana struggled as a young teenager. And as she reaches her mid teens, she is clearly struggling with a healthy lifestyle. Let’s remember that if the WEtv clip is anything to go by, her niece Ella Grace doesn’t experience the same problems.

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