My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers Achieves Her Weight-Loss Journey

My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers Achieves Her Weight-Loss Journey

Most My 600-lb Life patients appear on the show because they have been dangerously overweight their whole lives. They want to finally take the right steps to become healthy enough for bariatric surgery.

In the January 26, 2022 episode, Larry Myers is in a slightly different position. It is revealed at the beginning of the episode that his current weight is unknown. But what sets him apart from the other cast members of the show is that he has already undergone surgery to lose weight once. In 2015, Larry underwent surgery and lost over 600 pounds. Unfortunately, he gained much of the weight back.

Part of Larry’s storyline in his My 600-lb Life episode revolves around how he views food. He describes sharp pains in his body due to his weight and the strain he puts on his legs. He can’t stand for more than four minutes at a time. And, Larry admits in the episode, he knows he uses food as “medicine” to help him ignore the pain.

Before Larry regained his weight after his first bariatric surgery, he was actually a motivational speaker. He spoke about his weight loss and encouraged others to follow his path.

In 2015, he shared a long post on the TLC Facebook page in which he said others could do what he did if they tried hard enough. She was an inspiration. But after losing his sister, Larry fell into depression and turned to food again. He gained several hundred pounds back.

My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers Achieves Her Weight-Loss Journey

Larry Myers talks to Dr. Now in his My 600-lb Life episode and together they come up with a plan to lose weight. Over the course of the episode, he loses over 100 pounds. At the end of the episode, Dr. Now says that if he can lose a little more weight in the next three months, he will be approved for bariatric surgery. By the end of the episode, Larry is determined to keep working hard. And, judging by social media, there’s a good chance he’s sticking to his plan.

There are no recent photos of Larry on Facebook. However, in September 2021, he posted a picture of protein powder and almond milk. The caption mentioned he’d be on a liquid diet for two months. It’s likely he had bariatric surgery then and needed the diet.

Larry already proved to himself once that he could achieve a healthy weight through diet, exercise and weight loss surgery. He has determination in his episode and there is no reason to believe he didn’t follow through.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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