My 600-Lb Life Star Gina Krasley Dies at Age 30

My 600-Lb Life Star Gina Krasley Dies at Age 30

My 600-lb Life’s Gina Krasley was a standout character, gaining a huge online following. In her TLC episode, she tackled weight loss with wife Beth. They resided in Gina’s mom’s house.

Post-2020 episode, Gina sued Megalomedia for neglecting reasonable care. She felt the show misrepresented her eating habits on camera.

Gina remained in the spotlight, sharing TikTok updates and inspiring the “Dancing Has No Size Limit” trend. With 240,000 followers, she updated fans on her weight loss journey.

In April, Gina announced a 21-day diet to break unhealthy eating habits. Sadly, her health declined afterward. Learn more about her passing.

My 600-Lb Life Star Gina Krasley Dies at Age 30

On 23 April, Gina Krasley posted a video from the hospital on her YouTube page. The My 600-lb Life star said that after starting a three-week diet, she had problems. “After my 21 day eating challenge it just kinda went to s***,” she said in the video. “I kinda freaked myself out and wasn’t really eating and drinking,” Gina told fans as she captured herself in a hospital bed. 

Gina continued uploading videos to give fans updates on her health. She had returned home after a stay in hospital following detox. On 22 May, Gina uploaded a YouTube video from her home, but she was still in hospital bed. “As you can see I’m in a hospital bed. I still can’t walk,” she said in the YouTube video. Gina mentioned that her time in rehab was not helpful. The exact medical problem of the ‘My 600-lb Life‘ star was not known, but according to Ace Showbiz, she was suffering from severe numbness in her limbs.

In one of her latest updates, Gina had to hold her phone while recording a video of her mother. She was due to see a neurologist on July 29. Sadly, Gina died just days after that appointment. “Gina Marie Krasley (nee LeMehaute), 30, of Tuckerton, NJ, passed away at home on Sunday, August 1,” read her obituary. She was surrounded by her loving family. He was 30 years old, according to Page Six, and will be deeply missed.

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