‘My 600-lb Life’: What happened to Angela Gutierrez?

‘My 600-lb Life’: What happened to Angela Gutierrez?

While waiting for My 600-lb Life’s Season 8, TLC has decided to broadcast some of the most important episodes of Season 7. One of the reruns focuses on Angela Gutierrez, 44 years old from the show, who has had a very hard hand in life as she has to juggle the care of her grown daughter Angela while raising her granddaughter Lacy.

Since Angela Gutierrez decided to leave the show during the shoot, many diehard fans have called her episode “an absolute waste of time. And while we wish we had more progress to report, a deep dive into her TikTok and Facebook accounts shows that Angela is pretty much where we left her in April 2019.

While she writes a lot on Facebook about her chronic pain and Lacy’s growth difficulties, she hasn’t updated any fans about her weight loss progress. Look at this selfie she shared in August!

Viewers initially saw Ohio native Angela, 44, mother of two children, travel to Houston, Texas to undergo treatment and weight loss – the weight loss regiment established by bariatric surgeon Dr. Now. We just haven’t been able to see Angela progress alongside Dr. Now as we usually do. Instead, we saw Angela abandon Dr. Now‘s care.

‘My 600-lb Life’ – What happened to Angela Gutierrez?

Angela My 600-lb Life’ Update on Angela Gutierrez. Whatever Happened To Angela?, she was already at the end of the line. Having already had gastric bypass surgery once (just like Holly Hager this season), Angela ended up regaining all the weight. Her surgery took place in her late 20s, when Angela weighed about 375 pounds.

The surgery helped her lose more than 100 pounds, but things weren’t going too well in Angela’s life and she ended up returning to unhealthy eating to cope with her problems. For example, immediately after the surgery, she was accused of endangering her children, attempted suicide and lost custody of her children to her mother.

But almost 20 years later, and up to £608, Angela now thinks she is ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle for good. Now, at 44, Angela’s two children have grown up: Chris, 19, was her primary caretaker, but he took a job that prevented him from taking care of his mother full-time.

And Angela’s oldest daughter, Andrea, 23, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years ago and requires a lot of care on her part. But that’s not all: Angela also takes care of her 11-year-old cousin’s daughter in prison, Lacy.

Because she needs a friend to accompany her to Dr. Now’s office in Houston, Angela is getting help from her ex-boyfriend Eric. But the 1,100-mile journey ends in disaster.

“When I first got here, my stomach’s swollen, my leg’s burning so bad, and now I feel like I’m dying,” Angela Gutierrez complains. “I love it, I feel worse than I did the whole trip.” When she realizes she won’t be able to go to the bathroom because the hotel didn’t give her the disabled room she asked for, Angela almost flips over. “I’m just really angry,” she says. “A lot of people think it’s a small thing. It’s not.”

‘My 600-lb Life’ Where is Angela now?

“When you’re driving, you’re in a van with the blankets tucked under and your mess,” he continues. “You’re sweaty. I don’t care if it’s air-conditioned. You want to be clean and you don’t feel clean.” A person my size, I don’t care how clean you are, you’re dirty.”

After barely making it into Dr. Now’s office, Angela was already HIGHER. Dr. Now, as usual, encouraged her to try losing weight on her own before the sleeve surgery, but Angela couldn’t cope with the lack of structure. First, she missed so many checkups (which is odd because she moved for life to follow Dr. Now’s regime) that she decided to quit altogether.

What? That’s the story of My 600-lb Life! This decision leaves Angela as a second cast member to leave the reality show of her own free will. The first was Jeanne, also from Season 7 (I told you it was crazy!), whose trip we saw just a few weeks ago.

But just because she didn’t want to follow the structure that Dr. Now created for her didn’t mean that Angela’s contract with TLC was over, as Starcasm points out. Rather than stay in Houston, she decided to return to her home in Ohio and began video check-in with Dr. Now.

During a chat, she claims to have lost 120 pounds by herself since she left Houston, and Dr. Now applauds strongly, calling her “delusional” and pointing out that she doesn’t seem to have lost that much weight from where he’s sitting.

But she has posted some photos on Facebook that certainly show her happier and healthier. It looks like she’s still using the oxygen she needed throughout the episode, but it looks like she was able to start a recovery journey all by herself. Good for you, Angela!

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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