My 600-lb Life: Where Is Angel Parrish, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

My 600-lb Life: Where Is Angel Parrish, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

My 600-lb Life” on TLC recounts some incredible weight loss trips taken by morbidly obese people. The goal is to lose a few pounds until they are approved for surgery by Dr. Now. Not all stories end successfully, but some are uplifting. Angel Parrish’s story falls into the second category and the cast member has managed to turn her life around thanks to Dr. Now’s determination and careful guidance.

My 600-lb Life: Angel Parrish’s Story

Angel Parrish appeared on the show at the age of 42, when she tipped the scales at 570 pounds. The contestant admitted that she felt powerless and saw herself as a giant whale. From Texas, Angel Parrish opened up about her traumatic childhood, revealing that she had to give up a child at the age of 14. This sent her into depression and confronted the problem of binge drinking. When she turned 30, Angel weighed 130 pounds and had become pregnant again.

After Andrew’s birth, Angel Parrish continued to gain weight until she reached 270 kilos and decided to ask for help. The guilt of giving her first child up for adoption, postpartum depression and the death of her father made Angel gain weight until she decided to face the problem.

Angel Parrish went to Dr. Now and lost 165 kilos, even undergoing gastric bypass surgery. After the operation, she suffered an attack of nausea so severe that she had to be admitted to hospital. The doctors there tried to contact Dr.Now, but were unable to reach him. Eventually, they gave Angel nutrients through a tube. However, Dr. Now was not at all happy because he felt that this might hinder her progress. His displeasure forced Angel to work even harder to lose weight. This is what it looked like on her journey.

My 600-lb Life: Where Is Angel Parrish, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

Angel Parrish managed to drop to 261 pounds, losing nearly 309 pounds, which is half her body weight. However, Angel Parrish didn’t stop there. She continued on her journey and almost changed her life. Currently, Angel is almost unrecognizable because of the amount of weight she lost.

It is clear that she just needed a push in the right direction and is determined enough not to deviate from the path. Life has been hard for the participant, but she has overcome the challenges to go in a better direction. Angel also expressed her love for her little girl on Facebook, where she doesn’t post too often.

Currently, it seems she lives in Austin, Texas, which is close enough to consult Dr. Now if she needs it again. Although losing weight is noteworthy, especially for the cast members of “My 600-lb Life”, many of them gain weight after a while. Therefore, seeing that Angel Parrish has kept his course is a fantastic achievement.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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