Sister Wives: Did Janelle Brown Leave Kody?

Sister Wives: Did Janelle Brown Leave Kody?

Janelle Brown hasn’t played a huge role in Sister Wives’ 17th season yet. In the season opener, she revealed that she has COVID-19 and is keeping her distance from the rest of the family. After that, the episode largely focused on Kody and Christine Brown’s breakup. But while viewers wait for the next episode to air, Janelle Brown is on another luxurious holiday with her family. She really is living her best life right now and has no time for nonsense and drama.

Janelle and Christine Brown sell Plexus products with some of the Brown family daughters. It looks like their Hawaiian vacation was another work event. Earlier this year, Plexus sponsored a trip to Portugal for Janelle and her sister.

So far, the TLC star hasn’t uploaded any pictures from the trip. But those will probably come in time. Earlier in the year, she happily shared lots of photos from her trip to Portugal with followers. It’s more likely that Janelle is just taking some time now to really enjoy herself and focus on her family.

Sister Wives: Did Janelle Brown Leave Kody?

Remarkably, Janelle Brown did not mention Kody Brown at all in her post. He is probably at home with Robyn and the rest of the family at the moment.

Of course, this only adds to the rumors that Janelle and Kody Brown have also secretly broken up. Many fans find it incredibly telling that she didn’t join him on a beautiful island vacation.

It is clear to Sister Wives fans that Janelle and Christine remained incredibly close even after Christine and Kody split. The two have been spotted together on road trips and enjoying each other’s company. Kody is never out of sight. Meanwhile, Christine says her relationship with Meri and Robyn, Kody’s most loyal women, is still strained.

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