Sister Wives: Kody Money Woes

Sister Wives: Kody Money Woes

Sister Wives star Christine makes no secret of her attempts to get Kody’s attention as the episodes unfold. She also makes no secret of being jealous of the moments the other Sister Wives co-wives spend time with him.

Kody Brown’s four wives agree that jealousy occasionally seeps into their multiple marriages. But that jealousy can also appear in places they least expect. Christine Brown spent a number of years at home raising the children.. At the same time, other wives got credit for keeping the family afloat by pooling their wages.

The third Sister Wives mother did this so that her co-wives could work and help support their large family. So you could say thatChristine Brown’s childcare was monumental when it came to her share of the family finances. With Christine staying at home with the children, the other women could go to work without having to pay large childcare bills.

So, when TLC’s Kody Brown had three wives, Meri Brown and Janelle Brown worked while Christine Brown took care of the children. During this time, it seems that Kody’s employment included several jobs, such as selling billboard ads.

The Sister Wives spouses have bundled their money to pay the bills. According to the wives this worked well for them. Christine Brown, who took care of the child care for the family, was nothing less than a Godsend.

This is how co-wives explain her role in the Sister Wives family in the book they wrote together. But as time went on and the children got older, it seems that Christine Brown’s childhood days in day care are dwindling.

Sister Wives: Kody Money Woes

When Kody Brown is sad, everyone is sad, or at least it looked that way to the fans during the early seasons of the Sister Wives series. Today, the ladies seem a little more accustomed to his state of mind. While his crankiness doesn’t go unnoticed, the Sister Wives ladies don’t seem to let it ruin their day.

The money problems that plague this family are not new. Kody talked about being so tied up that he didn’t know how to support Robyn and her children when he first got engaged to her.

It recently became clear that Kody Brown is losing his sleep because of the money struggle. He made this clear when he interrupted one of Meri Brown’s live sales events online. So it seems that one way to get Kody Brown’s attention is by making life easier for him. And bringing money into the Sister Wives family would do just that.


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