‘Teen Mom 2′: Rumors swirled about Jenelle Evans and a new man

'Teen Mom 2′: Rumors swirled about Jenelle Evans and a new man

Jenelle Evans, formerly of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, has never been single that long. Since high school, when she got pregnant by her eldest son, Jace, with the then boyfriend Andrew, she has moved from one man to another in a series of tumultuous relationships.

Jenelle Evans has been married twice, to Courtland Rogers and her most recent husband David Eason. The 27-year-old 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mama 2 star was also engaged to Gary Head and Nathan Griffith, accusing both men of domestic violence before they broke up.

That’s why, when Jenelle announced on Halloween 2019 that she was planning to divorce David, her husband of two years, Teen Mom fans were immediately concerned. Jenelle fled her home on “The Land” in North Carolina to live in Tennessee with her two-year-old daughter Ensley (with David) and her five-year-old son Kaiser (with Nathan). Jace still lives with her mother, Barbara Evans.

Recently, an Instagram video and some alleged sources who spoke with The Sun have sparked rumors that Jenelle has a new man in her life. Although Jenelle seemed to deny that she has a new husband, his past, including a questionable Twitter account, many Teen Mom viewers have been worried about the MTV star.

Rumors swirled about Jenelle Evans and a new man 

Jenelle went to Twitter at the beginning of December 2019 to claim that she was not dating anyone. But an Instagram video of 30 December gave rise to rumors that her relationship status had changed.

Teen Mom Instagram pages @TeenMomShadeRoom and @TMMamaDrama were the first to notice the video, and The Ashley’s Reality Roundup was the first to report it. In the video, 23-year-old Herb Wilkinson, a Boston water meter installer, told Jenelle, “Smile, babe. It was like they were eating together in a restaurant.

Any indication they were involved? Jenelle liked every picture on Herb’s Instagram (all the way back to the beginning), which he has since removed.

‘Teen Mom’ fans worried about his questionable past 

Besides Jenelle’s questionable track record, there were a few reasons why Teen Mom fans were worried about Herb.

First, Herb reportedly has a history of addiction. Katie Joy of the YouTube channel Without a Crystal Ball revealed that previous Facebook reports from his mother about his alcoholism (from which he is now reportedly in recovery) and a DUI arrest in 2011 seem to indicate that he has had a history of drug addiction.

Second, the Massachusetts resident seems to have sought the fame of reality TV in the past. He appeared on MTV’s Is she really dating him? a few years ago with his ex-girlfriend Noelle. Some Teen Mom fans were worried that he might be trying to use Jenelle for attention.

Fans wondered if he was behind a Twitter account that used to insult Jenelle

Another concerning set of social media reports recently made the internet rounds, disturbing Teen Mom fans and Jenelle’s supporters.

A Twitter account called “Herb Wilkinson” seems to have been tweeting disturbingly with female celebrities for several years now.

In addition to hitting Ariana Grande and other celebrities, the Twitter user in question tweeted a spiteful, curse-filled series of messages on Jenelle in 2017. In it, the user called Jenelle “what’s wrong with this country” and “remarkably ugly”, referred to her as “gross” and a “waste of skin”, and even suggested that she should die. (And those are the tame parts!)

The Twitter posts were not ever verified as real being Herb Wilkinson, so they may be part of a deception.

However, Jenelle took on Twitter and seemed to deny that she had anything to do with Herb, at least not romantically. On January 2, she wrote: “Don’t take anything of my life unless I confirm it. Thank you.” Fans still weren’t convinced by her complicated relationship history, but maybe Jenelle’s really turning over a new leaf.

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