What Happened to Aaron Washer After My 600-lb Life?

What Happened to Aaron Washer After My 600-lb Life?

My 600-lb Life” has showcased numerous jaw-dropping weight loss transformations, but Season 7’s Aaron Washer undoubtedly stands out. Hailing from Texas, Aaron faced life-threatening health conditions due to his staggering weight of 718 pounds. Unlike many others on the show who carry traumatic pasts, Aaron attributed his weight solely to an addiction to food.

Starting his journey under the careful guidance of Dr. Nowzaradan, Aaron emerged as one of the most successful patients. Though Aaron initially relied on his father for daily needs and lived in constant physical agony, he dutifully followed Dr. Now’s dietary and lifestyle plans. The dedication bore fruit as he lost enough weight to become a candidate for bariatric surgery, ultimately shedding 315 pounds—a life-altering change that brought him down to a manageable 402 lbs.

My 600-lb Life: How Aaron Washer Maintains His Weight Loss

As fans wonder what happened to Aaron Washer after his transformative experience on ‘My 600-lb Life,’ recent updates indicate he’s been living a fulfilling life post-show. Social media posts reveal Aaron proudly flaunting a considerably slimmer physique. A captivating photo from August 2022 features Aaron alongside his wife, radiating joy and newfound confidence. Though Aaron has yet to disclose his current weight, these updates confirm that he has committed to a healthy lifestyle, more so after facing significant personal challenges.

In a tear-jerking revelation from April 2019, Aaron disclosed his father Eugene’s foot infection, which eventually led to the amputation of a toe. Heartbreakingly, Eugene passed away just two weeks later, adding emotional turmoil to Aaron’s weight loss journey. Despite this tragic loss, Aaron has demonstrated remarkable resilience. He has since transitioned into a career as a full-time caregiver and medical technician. Older Facebook posts discussing his father’s health have been removed, signaling perhaps his method of moving forward.

Even though Aaron has made significant progress, his journey isn’t devoid of hiccups. A follow-up episode revealed a controversial appointment with Dr. Now that included Aaron’s wife, Ashlee. Ashlee caught viewers’ attention by openly rejecting Dr. Now’s medical advice for her husband. This led to a confrontational moment where Dr. Now retorted, “Why don’t you at least listen to what might help him?” Ashlee’s response was to promptly exit the consultation room, raising questions about the dynamics of their relationship during this critical period of Aaron’s life.

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