What Happened to Aaron Washer After My 600-lb Life?

What Happened to Aaron Washer After My 600-lb Life?

Aaron Washer, from Texas, faced a life-threatening issue. Weighing 718 pounds, he stood out on “My 600-lb Life.” Unlike others, his weight problem stemmed only from food addiction.

Under the guidance of Dr. Nowzaradan, Aaron followed a diet and lifestyle plan. Despite relying on his father for help and experiencing constant physical pain, Aaron was successful. He lost enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery and lost a total of 315 pounds. This brought his weight down to 402 pounds, which was a significant change.

My 600-lb Life: How Aaron Washer Maintains His Weight Loss

After his appearance on the show, Aaron has been living a fulfilling life. Recent updates on social media show him proudly displaying his slimmer physique. In a photo from August 2022, Aaron is pictured with his wife, radiating happiness and confidence. His current weight is unknown. But, these updates confirm that he is committed to a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true after facing personal challenges.

In April 2019, Aaron revealed that his father, Eugene, had a foot infection. It led to the amputation of a toe. Sadly, Eugene passed away two weeks later. His death added emotional difficulty to Aaron’s weight loss journey. Despite this loss, Aaron has shown resilience. He now works as a full-time caregiver and medical technician. Older Facebook posts about his father’s health have been deleted, indicating that Aaron is moving forward.

While Aaron has made progress, he has faced some challenges. In a follow-up episode, there was a controversial appointment with Dr. Now that involved Aaron’s wife, Ashlee. Ashlee openly disagreed with Dr. Now’s medical advice for Aaron, which caused tension. Dr. Now responded by asking Ashlee to at least consider what might help Aaron. In response, Ashlee left the room. This raised questions about their relationship during this important time in Aaron’s life.

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