What Is My 600-lb Life Star Michael Blair Doing Today?

What Is My 600-lb Life Star Michael Blair Doing Today?

Since its premiere on TLC in 2012, the long-running medical reality series My 600-lb Life has chronicled the journey of more than 120 people trying to avoid an early death and rebuild their lives from morbid obesity.

Although they come from different parts of the country, they have all headed to Houston, Texas, to seek help from renowned bariatric and vascular surgeon Dr. Now, or simply Dr. Now.

As viewers of the popular series know, patients hoping to enter Dr. Now’s calorie-restricted weight-loss program are scrambling. Almost everyone relies on others to accomplish life’s simple tasks. Many are homebound, some are bedridden. Few can walk more than a few metres without complications.

Basically, it takes years and decades for their bodies to … usually due to an out-of-control addiction to food. When Michael Blair of Texas turned to Dr. Now, his world was living entirely within the walls of his home and he knew he had to change.

What Is My 600-lb Life Star Michael Blair Doing Today?

Although Michael Blair didn’t reach Dr. Now’s goal of losing 100 pounds in three months – Michael only lost 61 pounds – Dr. Now persuaded him to redouble his efforts. By the end of seven months, Michael had lost a total of 97 kilos.

Unfortunately, the weight loss wasn’t enough to allow the hernia operation. Tasked with losing even more weight, Michael Blair focused on his diet and psychotherapy, which helped him overcome his agoraphobia. By month 10 of his journey, Michael was successfully back in the world and had even signed up for martial arts training.

Michael Blair’s episode ends with hopeful news. After another endoscopy, Dr. Now believed that if Michael lost another 30 kilos – a total of 165 kilos – he would be able to repair Michael’s hernia within three months.

Given that Michael Blair’s episode aired in February 2021, little is known about his current progress. However, he recently started posting regularly on Facebook. While there are no recent pictures to look at, Michael’s posts reflect the optimism and joy that was missing at the start of his My 600-lb Life episode.

As Michael Blair is arguably one of the nicest patients featured in the series, it’s no surprise that many of the comments on his Facebook posts offer praise and support for him and his journey. Hopefully we’ll get an update on Michael in next season’s “Where Are They Now?”.

Written by Lauren Rottman

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