Where Is James Bedard, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

Where Is James Bedard, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

At 38, James Bedard faced a severe food addiction. Every day, it felt like it could kill him. Yet, he lacked the willpower to stop eating.

Venturing out, he’d return quickly, feeling compelled to consume everything. Eating seemed like his sole purpose.

Acknowledging his endangering weight, he fixated on food non-stop. It hindered his mobility, but he strived to maintain hygiene.

James, always large, attributed it to heavy Caribbean meals in childhood. His absent father led his mom to overfeed him.

Family dinners morphed into overeating rituals. By 6, he crossed the 100kg mark. His school caterers fueled his eating spree.

James was 300 kilos at 8 years old. He gained 200 more in the next 10 years. Things got worse when he became a security guard after high school. Money allowed him to eat whatever, whenever.

Needing change, he moved to Florida at 23. He pursued a music career. He found a partner who put them on a diet for a healthier life.

His weight stabilized briefly. Unable to stick to it, he felt burdensome. He returned to New York, impacting the relationship.

After over a year in New York, relying on family and friends, James chose the Dr. Now program. He discovered he weighed 625 pounds. His anxiety, ordering out, and pain caused this weight gain. Back, knee, and ankle pain limited his mobility. Eating for comfort worsened his depression in a cycle.

Where Is James Bedard, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

James Bedard faced loss early in his weight-loss journey. Despite grief and personal issues, he got back on track. With support, James ate well, exercised, and learned coping strategies. In a year, he shed 119 pounds and is set for surgery. Moving to Houston is his next step. At 506 pounds, James is determined to succeed. Currently, he’s wrapping up things in New York.

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