Why Gabi Elnicki Skipped Bachelor In Paradise Season 9

Why Gabi Elnicki Skipped Bachelor In Paradise Season 9

Fans of “The Bachelor” franchise were buzzing with excitement over the fresh cast of characters for the Season 9 installment of Bachelor In Paradise. But a noticeable absence caught everyone’s attention: where was Gabi Elnicki? As a fan-favorite from Zach Shallcross’s Bachelor season, her absence left many wondering what happened. Now, Elnicki herself has broken her silence.

Bachelor In Paradise: Gabi Elnicki’s Reason For Missing BIP

It wasn’t just a mere scheduling conflict that kept Gabi Elnicki away from the sunny beaches of Mexico and the drama that unfolds on Bachelor In Paradise. In a candid Instagram Q&A session with her followers, Elnicki shared her reasons behind the decision to skip BIP.

Replying to one of the fan’s queries, she stated, “I did not feel paradise would be a good environment for me given my ending on The Bachelor.” She further emphasized the importance of “protecting [her] peace” at this stage in her life.

The insight from Gabi comes as a breath of fresh air for those who were wondering if there were any hard feelings between her and the other Season 27 contestants like Cat Carter, Brooklyn Willie, and Kylee Russell, who are currently enjoying—or suffering, depending on your perspective—the drama of BIP.

Here’s Gabi’s full Instagram Q&A session for those who want to dive deeper into her thought process.

Bachelor In Paradise: A New Man in Gabi’s Life

But protecting her peace wasn’t the only reason. Gabi Elnicki shared another significant update: she has started dating someone new. Though she’s kept some of the details under wraps, she did reveal that her new boyfriend, Zach, is also her “personal photographer.” It seems like Gabi found a love connection that’s more her speed, as she mentioned they’ve been acquainted for over three years but have only recently taken their relationship to a romantic level.

Elnicki also spilled some beans about how their relationship started to heat up. She mentioned, “He invited me to go to a Chris Stapleton concert in April or May, and we vibed.” Those interested in learning more about their love story can check out her latest Instagram posts.

Bachelor In Paradise: The State of Her Friendship with Kaity Biggar

For those who closely followed Season 27 of The Bachelor, you’ll remember the special friendship that blossomed between Gabi and Kaity Biggar. With Zach Shallcross eventually proposing to Biggar, fans wondered how their friendship would withstand the complicated dynamic.

Answering a fan’s query about their friendship, Elnicki posted a video featuring Biggar and jokingly stated, “No, we just hang out sometimes.” It seems the two still share a light-hearted relationship, despite the complex situation with Zach Shallcross.

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