Bachelor In Paradise: Rachel Recchia & Jess Girod Spill The Real Tea on Life in Mexico—From Crabs to Failed Romance

Bachelor In Paradise: Rachel Recchia & Jess Girod Spill The Real Tea on Life in Mexico—From Crabs to Failed Romance

Rachel Recchia isn’t alone when it comes to navigating the turbulent waters of reality TV love. The former Bachelorette was briefly engaged to Tino Franco, but the relationship quickly fizzled out before the season even concluded. Like a rite of passage, Rachel joined what she humorously calls the “Failed Bachelorette Club,” sharing an Instagram post with Katie Thurston, another member of the same club. Thurston’s relationship with her final rose pick, Blake Moynes, also ended abruptly. Her subsequent fling with John Hersey proved to be a brief affair as well.

Thurston humorously commented on Rachel Recchia’s Instagram post, saying, “Sisters dating too many Mr’s.” It’s worth noting that both ladies are back for Season 9 of Bachelor In Paradise, aiming for another chance at finding love. Curious? Don’t forget to catch the latest episodes airing Thursdays at 9 PM Eastern on ABC.

What It’s Really Like On the Beach—Crabs, Awkward Exes, and Sleepovers

Jess Girod, another Bachelor Nation alum, joins Recchia in Mexico, giving fans another reason to keep their eyes glued to the screen. Both ladies reunited to watch last week’s Bachelor In Paradise episode, engaging fans in a candid Q&A session on The Bachelor Nation Blog.

Let’s get into one of the most frequently asked questions: What’s the deal with the crabs? No, we’re not talking about the sexually transmitted kind. Fans remember David Spade, the temporary host of the show’s Season 7, sharing footage of crabs invading his room. According to this season’s contestants, crabs haven’t been a nuisance, likely due to a dryer climate this year.

However, that didn’t mean everything was peachy for Rachel. One of her challenges was awkwardly bumping into multiple exes on the beach, eliciting a hearty sip of wine when asked about the experience. As for Jess, she reveled in the close quarters, enjoying the all-girls sleepover vibe. “Being able to be within 2 feet of all the girls and having sleepovers!” she enthused.

Tidbits on Food, Drinks, and Health

Speaking of amenities, both ladies had their preferences when it came to food and drinks. Jess was all in for french fries and her ultimate cocktail was “a strawberry mojito with whipped cream on top.”

In a personal update, Rachel opened up about undergoing breast reduction surgery in March 2023. She assured fans that she took the doctor’s advice seriously and kept her healing scars out of the sun during the show.

There’s a lot to digest here, and Bachelor Nation fans can’t seem to get enough. Don’t miss out on any of the action—tune in to Bachelor In Paradise on ABC to see if these lovely ladies finally find their Mr. Right or if they continue their membership in the ‘Failed Bachelorettes Club.’

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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