Alaskan Bush People: Browns Spend First Christmas Without Billy

Alaskan Bush People: Browns Spend First Christmas Without Billy

Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Adams wanted to commemorate her holidays by snapping a family photo with her boyfriend, Bear Brown, and their son, River. The happy little family smiled enthusiastically for the photo, as Raiven held River in her arms and Brown snuggled up to his beloved.

Naturally, the fans of the show and the couple responded with their own wishes of baptism, praising this lovely moment.

Strangely, however, River didn’t look at her mother or father at all, according to Raiven Adams. Apparently she was looking at her Auntie Rain, the Bear’s little sister.

Alaskan Bush People: Browns Spend First Christmas Without Billy

While Raiven Adams posed for a family photo with her son and boyfriend, Alaskan Bush People star Bird Brown posted her own sentiments via her Instagram profile. Before recording the video, Bird decided to dress appropriately for the clip. So she donned a Santa hat, a cozy poncho and wrapped some holiday lights around herself, transforming into a walking Christmas tree.

In the video, Bird wished Alaskan Bush People fans and followers a Merry Christmas “you and your families.”

She also reminded Christmas revelers that they can now stream the show on Discovery.

While the holidays are undoubtedly full of much joy and laughter, there is also a bit of solemnity to the occasion. Today is the family’s first Christmas without their patriarch Billy Brown. In February this year, Billy Brown passed away after suffering a seizure.

Since then, some members of the family have found it particularly difficult to cope with the loss of their beloved ‘dad’, especially as the holidays and get-togethers meant so much to him.

Over the past season, the family has devoted much of its efforts to remembering Dad and his values and hopes for the Browns. In November, several Brown siblings expressed that Thanksgiving was Billy Brown’s favorite holiday because it celebrated everything he stood for.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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