Raiven Recently Moved In with Alaskan Bush People Star

Raiven Recently Moved In with Alaskan Bush People Star

It wouldn’t seem like our Christmas is complete without seeing a family photo of the stars of Alaskan Bush People. If you’re a long-time fan of the series, you’ll no doubt know about the relationship between Bear Brown and Raiven Adams. The on-again-off-again couple already met at the wedding of Bear’s younger brother Noah Brown. It wasn’t long before they got together, and for a while they were even engaged.

After that, they went through all sorts of ups and downs, including a couple of break-ups and a time when they berated each other in front of thousands of people on social media.

However, Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are back together and seem to be in a great place in their relationship. The couple, who have a son River together, appeared happier than ever in a recent family Christmas picture posted by Adams. The picture also shows Rain and Ami Brown standing next to Rain, River and Bear.

Fans of the show took to the comments of Adam’s post to wish the family a Merry Christmas. They also loved the eye contact between little River and his Aunt Rain.

Raiven Recently Moved In with Alaskan Bush People Star

Only a few months ago, we learned that Raiven and Bear Brown were going to try to sort things out for their son. As a result, Raiven Adams has decided to move away from his home state of Texas and relocate to Loomis, Washington to be closer to the Alaskan Bush People star. It turned out to be one of the best decisions the couple ever made. There’s no denying that Raiven has a large social media presence, as does Bear Brown. So, at first glance, fans of the show will get a glimpse of the family’s personal life. All the posts between both Adams and Brown have helped illustrate this exactly.

This Christmas was, of course, the first without beloved patriarch Billy Brown. So just seeing the family together and happy is a joyous sight.

Written by Evelyn Foster

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