Alaskan Bush People: Change for Billy

Alaskan Bush People: Change for Billy

Alaskan Bush People celeb Billy Brown will see yet another new season in his reality series despite many fans thinking it’s over. All the changes have made fans wonder if this series, once off the net, still has what it takes for a wild challenge. Many believed that the Discovery Channel had pulled the plug on the series. Especially after there were no updates on the fate of the series.

Alaskan Bush People: Change for Billy

The great original attraction for the Alaskan Bush People has been to witness this family’s attempt to stay alive in a faraway corner of Alaska. It was a place with no electricity, no telephone service and no shops. The family needed to live off the land.

But those days are long gone. Now Billy Brown has his Alaskan Bush People clan on a mountain in Washington State. They have bulldozers, a modern barn, cattle pens and vehicles to go to the supermarket. They no longer have Alaska or the bush to deal with.

Today’s challenge is for every sibling of Alaskan Bush People to build a house. But they have to do it before winter comes to the mountain. Two of the brothers have come together to build a house for Billy and Ami Brown.

Noah Brown and Gabe Brown, each with a wife and child, plan to build a house with three separate sections. This will allow them to have their own space for their small Alaskan Bush People families. But they can still have their parents with them.

Alaskan Bush People: Ami and Billy To Have Grandbabies Close By

Looks like Billy Brown and Ami Brown will be living between their two sons in this house. Billy Brown is sick and Ami Brown has informed all Brown children that their father will not get better.

The doctors were against Billy Brown living in the mountains because of the high altitude. The oxygen is thinner at that level. While Billy Brown’s latest diagnosis is his heart, the Alaskan Bush People patriarch’s breathing has gotten tired.

Before Billy Brown was released from the hospital in the last season of the series, his children of Alaskan Bush People pulled the trailer their parents live in down the mountain. So Billy could return to the mountains living at a lower altitude.

It seems Noah and Gabe see this house as a place where Billy Brown can live for the rest of his life. The father of the Alaskan Bush People wants to die on that mountain when the time comes. Until that day, with his children and grandchildren in the same place, Billy can enjoy the things he likes best: his family.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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  1. They almost burnt down this mountain on top of the film crew flying there drown making the airplanes dumping water stop and made 33 ppl lose there house in 1 night. The fire is at 10000acres and it started on there property. Fuck them they ain’t real bush ppl wearing nikes and shit . The fake ass lies.

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