Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown’s Heartbreaking Video

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown’s Heartbreaking Video

Alaskan Bush People spoilers and updates tease that the Brown brothers continue to feud over money issues. Matt Brown took to Instagram to reveal the latest argument he had with his siblings.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown’s Heartbreaking Video

In a recent post, Matt Brown shared a video in which he revealed that he was informed by one of his brothers that he was talking to them about paying him for the work he did for the hit Discovery Channel series.

Matt welcomed the idea and went on to say that he deducted all of his expenses, including the cost of his rehabilitation. He explained that it was about more than money. He wanted to be reunited with his family. Matt went on to explain that he wanted them to know that he is no longer the person they knew before. He wanted them to see that he has worked hard to get better, overcome his childhood issues and his issues from his time on the show.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as he expected. Matt said, “I found out yesterday – it’s like he was trying to set me off again.” Although he didn’t say who did it, Matt revealed that his brother spoke to him in a “triggering way” and told him that he “deserves to be stolen from because I am an alcoholic.”

Matt Brown admitted that the conversation triggered him, but “didn’t scream at him, I did at a couple of times get frustrated and raise my voice.” So, he ended up riding his bike away.Matt said his family says things about him and his addiction that aren’t true. He added that they never treated him well and would never do the right thing. “They took what I had worked so hard for,” he said before ending the video.

This was just one of the revelations Matt dropped after the death of his father Billy Brown in February. He made several startling accusations, including Billy withholding income from him while he was on the show. Not only that, Matt accused the producers of Alaskan Bush People of giving him drugs.

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