Alaskan Bush People: The Brown Family’s Recent Struggles

Alaskan Bush People: The Brown Family’s Recent Struggles

Alaskan Bush People tease that Snowbird Brown and Rain Brown were mocked by fans after they posted a video on Instagram in which they are seen making eye makeup with charcoal. Some viewers didn’t see the need to do so, as they can easily go to CVS and buy their eyeliner.

In a video posted on Instagram last week, the brothers can be seen using wood burned from the recent fire to make their charcoal eyeliner.

Fans were not impressed with what they did and immediately took to the comments to give the reality stars a piece of their mind. One fan wrote that the show was fake and that the girls didn’t live in the bush. They could just buy their eyeliners at CVS. Another replied, “They live in town and when they were “in the bush” they had fires. But now because of a wildfire, they have charcoal to make makeup.”

Some people claim that the Browns live in town and not on the Washington property, as they claim. Sources told The Sun that the family rents homes in a nearby town and has never really lived full-time on their $1.6 million mountain property. The North Star Ranch spanned 436 acres and consisted of four parcels of land, valued at $415,000 each. However, locals said the family does not live in the woods, but instead rents to Loomis.

Alaskan Bush People: The Brown Family’s Recent Struggles

It has been a difficult time for the Browns. They have had to deal with the aftermath of the fire that took place in August 2020 and cope with the passing of their patriarch, Billy Brown, in February.

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