Below Deck: She won’t share de Brian de Saint Pern’s messages but offered this

Below Deck: She won’t share de Brian de Saint Pern’s messages but offered this

Below Deck viewers got a taste of how intense the animosity between Courtney Skippon and Brian de Saint Pern became during part one of the reunion.

When the conversation turned to Skippon and the Saint Pern’s boatmance, Skippon told her to block the Saint Pern because he kept sending her ‘poisonous’ messages. The two also seemed to have different opinions about the way their relationship turned out. When Saint Pern told Skippon that it broke his heart to see her cry, she didn’t believe it.

Skippon spoke out on social media about the season. She spoke out after almost every episode when examples of misogynistic behavior appeared. Plus, she explained why she didn’t feel it when the two of them went on a date. She repeated a few times that she was just exhausted from 14 hours of work. Plus, the date was canceled and then rearranged, which threw her off.

Below Deck: She won’t share de Brian de Saint Pern’s messages but offered this

Instead of taking a screenshot and sharing the messages she considered “aggressive” and “poisonous”, Skippon tweeted a comment her ex-boyfriend made about one of Saint Pern’s messages.

“I won’t share the private messages, but here’s my ex-boyfriend responding to sending a screenshot (* this was a hypothetical expression of anger, he doesn’t approve of violence!),” she tweeted along with a screenshot.

The message from her ex-boyfriend showed that he was angry at a comment the Saint Pern made. “Wow. That’s heavy. Even I want to send him a message now and make an appointment. So I can hit them with a baseball bat.” Head stew Kate Chastain responded with heart-emojis. But when one person suggested Skippon “expose” the messages from the Saint Pern, she simply responded: “Only expose my ex as v sexy!

Below Deck: She did reveal some of what de Brian de Saint Pern sent to her

But Skippon insists that her messages are too general to be taken so personally. “I’ve been very general because I feel that all issues are kind of fundamental and reflect what’s happening in the world and in society now,” she said at the reunion.

“So that’s me creating a conversation about what’s happening and looking back on it and wanting people to know that I don’t think that’s a good thing, because I’m not going to co-sign your behavior by remaining silent, because I don’t really appreciate the way you’ve spoken to me many times and the way you’ve pampered me ever since,” she said.

Although she wouldn’t share screenshots of Saint Pern’s messages, Skippon mentioned a few things he wrote to her at the reunion. “That I’m a chilly woman. He doesn’t know what he ever saw in me. It gives me fear to think about it,” she shared, says Bravo’s The Daily Dish.

The messages were sent wrapped up long after the filming. But, the Saint Pern insists that he only reported her in response to her comments on social media. “I just felt like she was putting me on Twitter, and I never did that to her,” he said.

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