Counting On: Abbie Duggar Shared A New Photo Of Grace.

Counting On: Abbie Duggar Shared A New Photo Of Grace.

Abbie Grace Duggar brings the cuteness back to Instagram. It’s Grace Duggar’s first Thanksgiving, and to celebrate, Abbie shared a cute new picture of her baby on the social media platform.

In a Thanksgiving-themed outfit, the little one had Counting On fans gushing about how cute she is. This isn’t new, because Grace usually gets a warm welcome when Abbie shares new pictures of her.

Counting On: Abbie Duggar Shared A New Photo Of Grace.

The photo that was shared by Abbie was written: “It’s not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy”.

That’s exactly what Grace Duggar radiates in the photo her mother shares. She is a happy baby, one of the happiest babies Counting On fans have seen in the family. Of course, she gushes all over her every time Abbie Grace Burnett shares another picture. Abbie and John-David Duggar didn’t share too many pictures for a while, so when they did, everyone got together to comment on their baby.

Not too many pictures have been shared of things the couple did together. They like to keep things calm, popping up only to gush over each other or their little daughter. But they did attend the engagement party of Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey. The couple and Grace showed up to support the young man who asked his girlfriend to become his wife.

During the weekend, Abbie Grace Burnett went to a boutique show with some of her sisters-in-law. Anna Duggar shared the photo with her Instagram stories, showing that they enjoyed a “girl’s day”.

While Counting On hasn’t been officially renewed yet, there is speculation that filming has started again. The viewers last saw Abbie Grace Burnett and John-David Duggar when the family organized a drive-thru birthday parade for her. It was a sweet setup and one that seemed to mean a lot to her.

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