Dorit Kemsley Exposes Kyle Richards’ Texts, Sparks Controversy at RHOBH Reunion

Dorit Kemsley Exposes Kyle Richards' Texts, Sparks Controversy at RHOBH Reunion

Dorit Kemsley showed Erika Jayne a text from Kyle Richards at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. Dorit told Erika she felt upset about Kyle’s accusations.

Kyle had said Dorit exaggerated their friendship. Dorit said Kyle sent her a text trying to silence her, calling it manipulative and calculated.

Kyle’s text to Dorit said she was bothered by their situation. Kyle mentioned her feelings were hurt by things Dorit said off-camera.

Kyle expressed her love for Dorit’s family but didn’t want to lose her over the TV show drama. She suggested they talk after the filming.

Dorit Kemsley asked Erika Jayne how she would feel receiving that message. Erika said she would feel manipulated. Dorit mentioned Erika’s desire for Kyle Richards to be called out at the reunion. She said it’s only fair because it’s the reunion.

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Written by Sarah Milner

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