RHOBH: How Crystal Kung Minkoff and Annemarie Wiley’s Feud Ended in Friendship

RHOBH: How Crystal Kung Minkoff and Annemarie Wiley's Feud Ended in Friendship

Crystal Kung Minkoff’s relationship with Annemarie Wiley changed unexpectedly on “RHOBH ” after Crystal got sick. At first, they didn’t get along because Annemarie said Crystal had been mean to the other women when they first met.

This caused a big problem between them. They also argued because Annemarie said she was a doctor, even though she was actually a Nurse Anesthetist.

Annemarie Wiley talked a lot about Sutton Stracke’s medical condition, which made things worse. But everything changed when Crystal got sick during a car ride in Spain and needed medical help.

Annemarie Wiley Steps Up for Crystal Kung Minkoff Amid Health Crisis

The health crisis that Crystal Kung Minkoff faced while abroad brought her and Annemarie Wiley closer. The closeness was unexpected. Despite their previous misunderstandings, Annemarie sprang into action.

She used her medical expertise to assist Crystal in her time of need. This act of kindness happened when Crystal had high blood pressure. It was a turning point in their relationship.

Reflecting on the incident on the “RHOBH After Show,” Crystal shared how the experience altered her perception of Annemarie. It turned a former adversary into a trusted confidante. “I just like looked at her and she looked at me and it was like, we were not doing all that anymore. That was over, now we’re in this moment. She really helped me,” Crystal recounted.

This transformation from contention to support showcased the depth of Annemarie’s professionalism. It also highlighted the importance of setting aside differences in times of crisis.

Crystal Kung Minkoff acknowledged Annemarie’s role during her health scare. This showed a newfound respect and gratitude. This paved the way for a stronger bond between the two.

As viewers watched this evolution unfold, it became clear that compassion and understanding can indeed go beyond first judgments and conflicts.

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Written by Evelyn Foster

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