RHOBH: Who is Crystal Kung Minkoff?

RHOBH: Who is Crystal Kung Minkoff?

Fans of the RHOBH will not have time to get acquainted with Crystal Kung Minkoff. Kung Minkoff is a refreshing breath of fresh air for diversity that delivers exactly the type of drama Bravo Universe fans have come to love and expect.

However, Kung Minkoff is not the first star in her family. His brother Jeffrey is Hong Kong’s future pop star.

While Crystal Kung is a California girl, Popnable notes that Jeffrey was born in Hong Kong. It was there that he developed an early interest in music. While Real Housewives fans perhaps know him best as the unofficial nanny to his sister’s children, Hong Kong music fans know him for his music. Although Jeffrey’s music is far from the top of the charts, he has made occasional appearances on Hong Kong’s music charts.

As of now, however, his music has not been a hit in the United States. His recent single “Real Life” has just over 350,000 streaming plays on Spotify. However, Kung is still hard at work behind the scenes with her sister on other ventures. She’s heavily involved with his food brand and spends a lot of time with him, helping not only with the kids but also in a renewed glory.

RHOBH: Who is Crystal Kung Minkoff

According to Life & Style, the entry of Kung’ Kickoffs into the Real Housewives universe adds much-needed diversity to a franchise that has long been accused of lacking it. The 35-year-old businesswoman entered the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills series as the first Asian-American. But like all the other housewives on the show, the transition did not go smoothly.

Kung Minkoff’s husband, Rob, has directed classic children’s films such as The Lion King and Stuart Little. The couple met in 2003 at the premiere of one of the films and married four years later, in 2007. The couple now have two children, Max and Zoe. However, as Crystal Kung entered the Real Housewives universe, she is now in the spotlight more than ever.

Crystal has also dabbled in acting, but her biggest success came from Real Coco, a food and drink company that sells a wide range of products from coconut milk to crisps. A 76th generation descendant of the philosopher Confucius, she immediately turned heads when she entered the homemaker brand.

As People pointed out, tensions with actresses such as Denise Richards and Sutton Stracke immediately arose, Crystal wasted no time in showing why she became part of the ever-growing brand. Despite her growing position, Crystal still enjoys being part of a bigger movement than herself.

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