’RHOBH’: Why Erika Jayne Didn’t Sell Off The Earrings

’RHOBH’: Why Erika Jayne Didn’t Sell Off The Earrings

Reality TV star Erika Jayne has just given up ownership of an expensive piece of jewelry and is reportedly ready to leave him. The RHOBH star divorced her husband Tom Girardi in 2020 after 21 years of marriage. Girardi recently faced allegations that the lawyer was involved in an embezzlement scheme that embezzled money from the trust funds of his various clients. Erika Jayne denied any knowledge of the matter, claiming he was innocent.

Following the complaint, the judge presiding over the case ordered the reality star to return a $750,000 pair of diamond earrings that were allegedly purchased using the stolen funds. The 50-year-old has returned the jewelry and reportedly just wants closure on the whole situation.

Erika Jayne is definitely ready to get over the drama of her failed marriage to her estranged husband, Girardi. According to reports, “RHOBH” star is currently doing “the best she can” after a court ordered her to return an expensive piece of jewelry from her ex-husband. In a ruling last week, the judge said the reality star had to return diamond earrings worth $750,000. The jewelry had been given to her by her husband in 2007 and thus had some sentimental value to Jayne.

However, according to the court, they were currently considered “stolen property” because of the charges against Girardi, which accused him of embezzlement. The former lawyer was accused of embezzling money from his clients to finance his opulent lifestyle.

’RHOBH’: Why Erika Jayne Didn’t Sell Off The Earrings

According to Jayne’s lawyer Evan Borges, the reality star was unaware that her beloved earrings were purchased with money Girardi allegedly embezzled from her clients. According to documents obtained by Page Six, the lawyer said Jayne was “completely innocent” and that even the trustee did not claim she was aware of the situation.

Jane also agreed not to sell the earrings or transfer ownership of them while the investigation is still ongoing. The diamond earrings were given to a third person until the final order was issued.

According to another filing Wednesday, Girardi was accused of purchasing the jewelry using money from a client trust account managed by his former law firm, Girardi & Keese. The filing says the lawyer allegedly concealed the purchase by “describing the purpose of the check on the GK Rezulin Trust Account (‘RTA’) Ledger as a ‘cost’ item of the ‘Rezulin’ mass tort litigation, noting the payee to be ‘M&M’ without further explanation.”

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