Is 90 Day Fiance Star Natalie Mordovtseva Filming For The Single Life?

Is 90 Day Fiance Star Natalie Mordovsteva Filming For The Single Life?

Fans have been waiting for Mike Youngquist and his 90 Day Fiance Natalie Mordovtseva to call it quits. Throughout the last season of Happily Ever After, the couple did nothing but fight and pull each other down.

After their dramatic breakup in the season finale, the couple is headed for divorce. They even appeared in the recent episode Tell All, where they officially confirmed their separation. However, not long after the previous season, the Ukrainian beauty is all set to appear in another spin-off of the franchise.

Is 90 Day Fiance Star Natalie Mordovsteva Filming For The Single Life?

Back when 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After was just getting started, there were rumors that Mike Youngquist and Natalie would eventually divorce. Mordovtseva then dropped a hint about the appearance on The Single Life, which remained in talks for quite some time.

Now that the couple has announced their separation, speculations have arisen regarding Natalie’s future plans. She was previously spotted with another man in New Orleans.

This time around, rumors say she’s hanging around the TLC show with this mystery man. TheCelebTalkGuy uploaded a video, in which someone spotted Natalie filming for 90 Day Fiance at the Juno Beach Pier in Florida. The person who shot the video, also caught her walking away with a man who was apparently not her husband, Mike.

After the video, fans believe the rumors about Natalie shooting for The Single Life may be true. It is unclear if the man mentioned in the video is a romantic video or not.

The Happily Ever After Tell All episode is pretty controversial for a lot of reasons. And one of them is Mike and Natalie’s breakup. However, during the episode, Jovi Dufren was seen talking about Natalie’s new love interest. The popular TV star revealed that he and Yara Zaya met Mike’s wife in New Orleans.

However, during this meeting, she had a friend with her. Dufren hinted that he suspected that there was something between Natalie and the mystery man. But she only introduced him as a friend.

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