Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff’s Eye Problems

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff’s Eye Problems

Lilah had enough people holding their breath as they watched and waited for her birth. And when Little People, Big World baby was born, her parents knew there would be challenges. Even before her birthday, they had to make difficult decisions because of her dwarf growth.

Dwarf growth is why TLC’s Tori Roloff decided against a VBAC and for a C-section with Lilah. In fact, she said that having Lilah Roloff was extra difficult for her, although she did recover faster. LPBW viewers said Tori Roloff had no choice but to recover with two little ones depending on her.

Lilah was left behind on milestones such as sitting, rolling over and crawling. Her parents didn’t seem to worry much because they had already experienced it with Little People, Big World star Jackson Roloff. And now Lilah has most of the big things she needs to do to live a full life as a future toddler.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff’s Eye Problems

Tori told LPBW fans that Lilah needs special treatment every day. She now has glasses, and she has to wear a patch over her eye for an hour every day. Lilah Roloff has strabismus that makes her eyes cross. The doctors gave her glasses to help with the problem.

Although she is dealing with this problem, it seems she is maintaining a good posture. Little People, Big World watchers said that Lilah looks as cute as ever. And they like both pairs of her glasses.

Tori Roloff told the viewers of Little People, Big World that they used to call her their cross-eyed beauty queen. But that they didn’t know there was a medical problem causing it. The viewers said they’re glad they took care of the problem while Lilah is young.

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