My 600-lb Life’ Update on Bettie Jo Elmore. Whatever Happened To Bettie Jo Elmore?

My 600-lb Life’ Update on Bettie Jo Elmore. Whatever Happened To Bettie Jo Elmore?

Once a focal point of TLC’s compelling reality series My 600-Lb Life, Bettie Jo Elmore entered the scene as a 24-year-old tipping the scales at 654 lbs. Today, she is a living testament to the resilience of the human spirit, boasting not just a considerable loss of over 200 lbs but also a beautiful family. Under the guidance of renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan “Now” Nowzaradan, Bettie Jo traded in her debilitating lifestyle for a regimen of balanced diet, regular exercise, and a successful gastric bypass surgery.

Her weight loss, however, was only half the battle. At the time of her appearance on the show, she was in a complex relationship with her then-boyfriend, Josh Elmore. Josh was often criticized for enabling her unhealthy eating habits. But as destiny would have it, the couple saw the silver lining in therapy sessions and confronted their issues head-on. Flash forward to the present, Bettie Jo and Josh are happily married and recently celebrated a decade together.

My 600-Lb Life: The Ups and Downs Post-Show

The post-show life of Bettie Jo Elmore hasn’t been smooth sailing. Although she has not yet hit her target weight, her Instagram feed offers an insight into her ongoing journey. She’s hinted at the possibility of undergoing another surgical procedure to remove excess skin but is currently sidelined due to a broken ankle. Bettie Jo also had her share of high-risk pregnancies, which culminated in the birth of two sons: Preston and Olive Elmore.

Her first son, Preston Elmore, was born in 2016, and her second son, Olive—lovingly called Ollie—was born prematurely in May 2022, weighing just 2.5 lbs. Despite the initial hospitalization, Ollie has shown remarkable progress, as seen in the frequent updates Bettie Jo shares with her 10K+ Instagram followers.

Though Bettie Jo continues to shine, not all My 600-Lb Life participants have found their happy endings. Some stars, like Ashley Randall and Henry Foots, met tragic fates before they could complete their weight loss transformation. Oftentimes, the deep-rooted trauma of their past becomes an insurmountable hurdle in their journey toward better health. In contrast, Bettie Jo Elmore is an epitome of willpower and determination, offering a ray of hope to thousands of viewers who find themselves tangled in similar life-altering decisions and challenges.

As for her professional life, she recently mentioned starting a new job. While she hasn’t divulged the details, it is clear that Bettie Jo is not just settling for a healthier life but a more fulfilling one too.

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