My 600-lb Life: What kind of life does Joyce Del Viscovo live?

My 600-lb Life: What kind of life does Joyce Del Viscovo live?

This season of My 600-lb Life has had some tremendous ups and downs with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s patients. The patients have been in a number of interesting situations and have somehow managed to stick to the plan to get their lives back on track.

This week sees Joyce Del Viscovo, a 44-year-old woman from Gardner, Kansas who recently hit bottom when her weight became so critical that she had to close the daycare center she ran, and it was a tough deal for her because it had always been her dream to run this facility.

And now, because she can’t make ends meet and fulfill her duties for the children under her care, her depression has gotten out of hand and her bad eating habits have gotten worse.

My 600-lb Life: What kind of life does Joyce Del Viscovo live?

A claustrophobic and lonely life. Now she lives a single-chamber existence, because of her poor diet and lack of exercise she looks 20 years older than her chronological years.

She relies on her 24-hour live-in care assistant Dawn for everything. The occasional visit from her disappointed mother is the only interruption in the agony of her steadily declining life.

When Dr. Now sees what he’s dealing with Joyce, he’ll be able to arrange medical transportation for the disabled to take Joyce from Kansas City to Houston, Texas. It’s a one-way ticket, because Joyce’s enormous size means she won’t be able to make the trip more than once until some of the weight has been lifted. She’s overweight.

The ride is completely painful and uncomfortable all the time for someone her size and circumference, but the rocky start of her journey takes her to Houston where she is immediately hospitalized and placed on a very controlled diet.

After the wild diet she is used to with high-calorie meals and treats, her weight naturally drops like flies. Joyce is able to lose many pounds due to the hospital’s calorie restrictions, but the real test comes when Dr. Now sends her home to see if she can stick to the diet.

We’ve seen an extensive foretaste and the road is rough, as she returns at least 60 pounds, causing Dr. Now to lose his mind with her. He has no patience for her excuses as it has been sloppy food that has slipped her back into her weight goals.

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