My 600-lb Life: Where Is Bianca Hayes, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

My 600-lb Life: Where Is Bianca Hayes, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

Who hasn’t turned to food for comfort in times of stress or sadness? For 32-year-old Bianca Hayes, food has been a constant companion since childhood. When her mother was busy drinking, she would feed little Bianca Hayes so she could concentrate on her drink.

Bianca Hayes soon began to associate food with comfort and continued to eat to feel better. By the age of seven, Bianca was 200 kilos, because she continued to eat whatever she wanted.

Unfortunately for Bianca Hayes, she was soon diagnosed with high blood pressure and began to become aware of her body and weight. But she continued to eat as she pleased and unfortunately her mother did not put her on any diet or exercise programme to help her stay healthy. From then on, things just went downhill for Bianca. Her mother got married and for a short time Bianca was happy to have a stepfather in her life. Her stepfather was her mother’s drinking buddy, so that meant Bianca was eating more and more and putting on more and more pounds.

Now, at the age of 32, Bianca Hayes weighs 604 kilos and is a mother of two. Bianca’s biggest fear is that she could die and leave her two young children motherless. Determined to turn over a new leaf in her life, Bianca turned to Dr. Now for help and appeared on “My 600-lb Life”.

Where Is Bianca Hayes, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

Bianca and Romonte travelled from their home in Fayetteville (TN) to Houston to meet Dr. Now. At the first weigh-in, Bianca weighed 604 pounds. Although she was relieved that she didn’t weigh more than she thought she did, she was disappointed that she had put herself in that position.

She expressed how her love and addiction to food was slowly killing her. He described it as putting poison in his body. She also revealed that she had weight loss surgery in the past and for a while things were fine, but after getting pregnant with her second child, Bianca Hayes went back to her old habits of gorging on crisps and lemonade and before she knew it, she had overeaten again and regained all the weight she had lost.

Dr. Now was a little worried that she would have to have another operation as the previous one had proved unsuccessful. He asked her to prove that she was really committed to her goal by losing 50 kilos before her next consultation. Bianca Hayes consciously worked on her emotional eating habits and started to watch her portion sizes and eat clean. She even added a three-times-a-day extraction to her routine.

As she exercised with her son, she began to see it as bonding time rather than a commitment that helped her stick to the plan. At the next consultation when she was weighed Binaca managed to lose 48lbs and was now 558llbs. Although he didn’t reach the goal set by Dr. Now, he was still quite close, so the doctor felt a little optimistic about his progress.

Dr. Now was concerned about his progress and decided to put his surgery on hold for the time being and asked him to see a therapist so he could work on his emotional problems, and that he would see him again in a few months to decide when they could operate. At the time of her next visit, Bianca Hayes had lost a healthy 49 kilos.

Dr. Now decided that she would have the operation. During the operation, he realised that there was a significant amount of scar tissue damage, so he changed his plan and decided to do only a partial gastric bypass instead of a full bypass. He felt this would help Bianca on her weight-loss journey, but stressed how surgery combined with therapy would help her even more.

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