What Is My 600-lb Life Star Bianca Hayes Doing Today?

What Is My 600-lb Life Star Bianca Hayes Doing Today?

The world is full of interesting people with unique stories. Many feel uneasy about shows like My 600-lb Life showcasing personal struggles. However, plenty of fans find comfort in watching individuals like Bianca Hayes. They struggle with weight, food addiction, and life challenges on screen.

These shows attract a large audience fascinated by personal journeys. People like Bianca bravely share their struggles to inspire others. Bianca, a former journalist, faced her own battle with food addiction.

From a young age, Bianca turned to food for comfort. This coping mechanism led to severe weight gain and health issues. Her childhood was marked by her mother’s destructive habits.

At just seven years old, Bianca already weighed 200 kilos. Her struggle with obesity affected her self-esteem. Despite health warnings, her mother neglected her well-being.

Now in her thirties and a mother of two, Bianca weighs over 600 kilos. Fearing for her life and her children’s future, she sought help. The decision to join the program was driven by a desire to change and survive.

What Is My 600-lb Life Star Bianca Hayes Doing Today?

During the show, her doctor hesitated to operate due to her past gastric bypass. He requested a weight loss of 50 kilos for the operation. After achieving this, the doctor advised moving closer for support, resulting in the end of her relationship. Despite improvements in diet and exercise, stress halted her progress. The doctor suggested therapy and ongoing weight loss efforts before their next meeting in a few months.

Once her emotional life was a little better, she might consider surgery again. During this time she saw a therapist, ate well and continued to exercise. He lost about 50 kilos more and had a partial bypass. Since she has lost another 50 pounds, and she continues to work hard to see how to get healthier.

So far, he has lost over 156 pounds and he is pushing himself to keep going. She’s seeing her therapist, she’s working and spending time with her kids. She and her son now exercise together and she loves it. For her, it’s a chance to bond with him and do her part as a mother. We have high hopes that she will continue her weight loss journey successfully and maybe it will make her life better.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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