My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Breaks Down

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Breaks Down

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney Thore was recently in tears because of Chase’s deception.

In the last episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney and Chase were about to get married. Everyone was excited to see that Whitney would get her dream boy. But unfortunately, it didn’t play that way. Fans wondered if they would ever find out what happened between the couple of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. She couldn’t tell anyone what happened because of her non-disclosure agreement. But at the latest season, everyone will find out what happened.

Whitney did tell the fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life that she was having a terrible time. In fact, she said that her mental health is suffering. Anyway, it seems the fans will see what happened between Chase and Whitney.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Breaks Down

After Chase came clean about his deception, Whitney went bankrupt. Chase wanted to talk to Whitney. In fact, he insisted on talking to her in person, and she wondered what was wrong.

Chase Severino told Whitney from My Big Fat Fabulous Life that he was sleeping with someone else. And the worst part was that he had a baby with that other woman. Whitney Thore cried and said how upset she felt about the betrayal.

She said he wasn’t just cheating on him. But that he was going to have a baby with someone else. She said it hurt a lot and that her whole life and what it could be was gone now.

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  1. You know what BJ PCOS is a metabolic disorder and causes weight gain. Since when does someone’s weight determine their worth as a human. You’re disgusting comment is just that. Why don’t you try walking a day in someone’s shoes that has PCOS. It’s not a matter of over eating.

  2. You must not watch …she has lost a lot of weight and works out hard all the time. Don’t body shame.. She has health issues which adds to her weight. Cheer her on and be a good person

  3. I still think this “engagement” story was scripted from the word go. They needed something to boost ratings. Chase’s real girlfriend getting pregnant ruined these plans. I am disappointed Whitney chose this scripting instead of keeping true, especially to those who look up to and support her show for being “real”. But…ratings….

  4. BJ, unless you are 100 percent perfect in every single way, then you have no right to judge or comment on anyone… Especially when you know absolutely nothing about them.

  5. I so hate to see Whitney being so sad. Im watching thos next shows. He seemed sincere. We love u and know that love will come again. Can hardly wait for more shows

  6. Why do people bother to comment on something they know nothing about and has no relevance? PCOS is what has caused her weight issues. Know your role and shut your hole Man.

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