RHOBH: Why Denise Says She Had Red Eyes

RHOBH: Why Denise Says She Had Red Eyes

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills meeting is in full swing, with the usual cast of romantic gossip, double-crossing and backstabbing social media gossip we all love to hate (via Women’s Health). Are you all caught up?

The last scandal that got us talking wasn’t whether or not Brandi had an affair with Denise in Season 10 (we’ll leave that one up to your imagination), but why Denise Richards was seen in front of the camera with bloodshot eyes. You can follow the drama of Bravo’s Comments, although Denise’s eye health has become a mini-sensation on the Internet, collecting articles on People, Today, and many others.

Just a week after the collective detective work we all did trying to figure out why Donald Trump Jr.’s eyes were watery during his speech at the RNC convention, we put our Sherlock Holmes hats back on. Is Denise Richards taking illegal drugs? This is what some RHOBH Instagram fans speculate. But Denise Richards, who has never missed a beat, had an explanation at hand. 

RHOBH: Why Denise Says She Had Red Eyes

So, fellow investigators, why did Denise have bloodshot eyes at the RHOBH Reunion?  “I’m allergic to powder, I’ve tried so many. I hate it. As soon as it’s used on my face, my eyes immediately turn bright red,” Denise wrote in response to an Instagrammer’s question. Not only her eyes, but also her nose starts to run, apparently. (We haven’t seen a single runny nose caught on tape, for what it’s worth).

“At first the drops help, but as the day progresses, nothing does,” Denise Richards continues, “At this production in Spain, they even had to switch to cream shadows and blotting paper. Every make up artist who has worked with me & still works with me knows this about me & we would love any input on this”.  Does her explanation satisfy your curiosity? Other Instagrammers, quick to shout “Team Denise”, have confirmed that red eyes due to makeup allergies are “100 percent a real thing”.  

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