RHOBH: Brandi Glanville Feels Used

RHOBH: Brandi Glanville Feels Used

Brandi Glanville may not be a full-time star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she brought an important storyline to the show. The alum of The Housewives dropped the bomb she had connected with Denise Richards, who drove the last part of season 10. Analyzing her situation, she now says she feels used by the producers and shadows the cast for not being authentic.

Drama for RHOBH Season 10 was business as usual for the ladies. However, it all turned upside down when Brandi Glanville made an appearance and made a revelation that scared everyone. The Celebrity Big Brother alum claimed that she had joined the Wild Things actress and talked badly about her co-stars.

On the cast trip to Rome, Italy, Teddi Mellencamp had a hard time sharing the same space as Denise Richards. Brandi Glanville had told her that Denise Richards said that Mellencamp lived in the shadow of her father, John Mellencamp. It was eventually at dinner that Mellencamp confronted Richards and asked if the allegations were true.

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife denied ever talking badly about her roommates. In addition, Mellencamp hinted that there were other things Brandi Glanville had said. At first, the accounting coach didn’t want to reveal anything about the alleged affair, because that wasn’t what she was upset about.

However, after the ladies pressured her to say it, she eventually sent shockwaves across the table. Denise Richards again denied all allegations and said she wasn’t even close to Brandi Glanville.

For the rest of the season, Denise Richards avoided talking about the subject and tried to interfere with the fact that the producers cut out the allegations.

RHOBH: Brandi Glanville Feels Used

Without being a full-time housewife, Brandi Glanville contributed much of the drama. Despite being useful for the show, she was not offered a bigger role in the show that left her frustrated.

“I’m just really frustrated at this point,” Brandi Glanville said in a Celeb Chat interview with Domonique Racquel. “I like doing things with the other women, but I feel like the carrot has been dangling for so many years. They call me back for a few things. I don’t make any money and then they use me all season for their PR.”

Brandi Glanville was an RHOBH star from season 3 to season 5. Since then, she has done guest appearances all year round. She also called the ladies from the Beverly Hills franchise for not being as authentic as other franchises.

“[RHOA] and [RHONY are] so real because they actually drink and they actually go through sh*t and go to jail, fighting with cops,” she added. “I feel like [the RHOBH cast] is like, ‘I’m going to pretend to drink alcohol and get my hair and makeup done for $100,000. It’s a middle-aged fashion show where everyone is so regulated.”

“I think with this group above all, they’re afraid of the truth,” Glanville also said. “They all want to keep their truth in the closet and they think they can protect it. So I came up and I spoke the truth and I started to stop and leave left and right. I’m like, “Wait. We’re supposed to talk about our lives.”

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  1. The Sad thing is you were contacted by producers to bring trash and you did. It’s a shame how quickly you can throw a friend under the bus And now you want a reprising role…😂😂😂😂 ayayay

  2. Brandi is a trainwreck looking for a new place to cause a collision. The fact that she used private information to take someone down to get back on RHOBH is disgusting and adesperate attempt at being relevant. Sad and pathetic. Now she’s crying they used her, hum, how does that feel? No more RHOBH for me!

  3. Its my opinion, that its not our business if its true or not. What I have a hard time understanding, is why would the cast want to hurt Denice and her family with this gossip? In the past years, both Kyle and Lisa Rinna experienced threats of exposure that would have hurt their family, and they “shut it down” right away. And the gossip was dropped, without much backlash. All this season has done, is to stir up doubt in who Denice Richards really is, and brought out ugly behaviours in some of the cast members.
    Those who “pointed fingers” simply forgot the age old saying, “Do unto others as you would want done unto you.” I am a big fan of most of the Housewives shows, but honestly, this season was awful. I watched over the years, to be entertained, to laugh, to live vicariously through the ladies, but this season was downright mean spirited.
    I dont know how the ladies of Beverly Hills can sleep at night. Just remember this ladies, “what goes around, comes around”. Please ladies, rethink your part in this past season, and veer away from hurting one of your own again. This past season was so very dark, not fun, not positive, and not entertaining. I pray that all involved, can learn from this, and go on in more entertaining ways that will have positive effects upon your fans.
    Please ladies, life is dark enough right now, give us more laughter, fun, and love for your fellow man……

  4. Boo hoo brandi. I agree they are fake. They should All get grilled and husbands like Denise was with her husband. I want to know about the trouble with Kyle and Mo. PK and dorito! All of them.
    Soynds like you are trying to blame your uncooth actions on Bravo. Sounds like Rinna is just a mean bitch. You both have big mouths. Boo frikken hoo.

  5. I believe Brandi. Frankly Denise Richards never dressed like the rest of the ladies. The pink outfit she wore during the reunion looked like a nightie. She didn’t look physically clean. Everyone including Brandi always did. I’m disappointed that Denise involved her husband. No one else did. He weirded everyone out.

  6. This show is utter trash, with bringing the lowest of the low so called ladies in to ruin Denise and her family, brandy has always been the one to cause issues to slapping Lisa v. To ask if she lisa wanted a sexual favor, really! Bravo Andy clean it up you are getting as low as the bitches you hired. Just can’t watch anymore. None of this crap about Denise was anyone’s business.

  7. I can’t believe that Brandi, aired out her business like that regarding a married woman. Girl bye Felicia. Brandi, you are nasty, and they used you for a paycheck. How do you feel now? Lisa needs to be fired. Boycotting this show.

  8. Denise is very pretty. I don’t know if you forgot to put your glasses on but she did not look dirty in fact she looked beautiful.
    I knew Brandy was trying to get back on the show by airing her dirty laundry.
    Now who look stupid? Did Brandy forgot she has children? Her behavior was outrageous and disrespectful. Who cares if they had an affair. Denise I wish you and your husband well.

  9. Lisa Rinna and Kyle are both bullies. Brandi is low life wanting to bring everyone else to her.level. I have been watching this show since it began and am so sad to see it reach these lows. Andy I have been a fan of yours for years. But you encourage this hatred.I feel like one of my kids turned out to be full of hate.

  10. Brandi
    You have your bff Jennifer Gimenez and her new hubby Tim Ryan
    They will openly accept you
    Help direct you for your addictions
    They even have a show

  11. I felt sorry for Denise. The woman were like dogs who wouldn’t let thg he situation go. If I recall Brandi has always caused trouble and talks trashy. Kyle ed and her were close friends when Lisa V. was on the show. The only 2 who showed class were Sutton and Garcell.

  12. Brandi sthu and go away. I hope we never see her messy ass back on this show. She really did Denise wrong. Vile ass. Then the kids talking to Andy saying she deserves to be compensated. HA!! Kids go to bed and let the “grown folks” work this out. Lol

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