Royal Family: Prince Harry Doesn’t Really Care For Stepmom Camilla

Royal Family: Prince Harry Doesn’t Really Care For Stepmom Camilla

According to British royal family expert Ingrid Seward, Prince Harry “doesn’t have great respect” for Duchess Camilla of Cornwall, his father’s second wife. During her recent appearance on a podcast, Seward shared her opinion and observations on the relationship between Prince Harry and the duchess.

Seward revealed that Prince Harry’s relationship with the Duchess has “off boil” and that he is now no longer interested in developing a relationship with her. She also talked about the prince’s upcoming memoir and predicted the reactions of the royal family and the public to the contents of the book.

Royal Family: Prince Harry Doesn’t Really Care For Stepmom Camilla

Seward recently participated in the Mirror’s Save the Queen podcast (via DailyMail) saying, “I don’t think Harry is interested in developing a relationship with his stepmother at this stage in his life.” He explained that the Prince “has no great respect” for Camilla and basically has “no interest” in building a personal relationship with her. Camilla married Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles, in 2005, after decades of romance that contributed greatly to the disagreements and separation between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, mother of Prince Harry and Prince William.

According to Seward, the relationship between Harry and Camilla was lukewarm until it became “off boil.” Now, apparently, the 37-year-old prince does not “feel much warmth” and affection for his stepmother.

During the podcast interview, Seward explained that Prince Harry and Prince William were initially “very happy” to welcome Camilla into the family and accept her relationship with her father. After the wedding, the Duchess kept “in the background” and “didn’t interfere” in their affairs and personal lives, which helped keep things calm.

Since then, however, things have changed a lot, such as Harry relinquishing his duties as principal prince, after which he moved to California with his wife Meghan Markle. Seward explained that she is not sure what her relationship with Camilla is like, especially after her last visit to Britain for the Queen’s celebration.

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