’Sister Wives’: Canceled Or Renewed For Season 17

’Sister Wives’: Canceled Or Renewed For Season 17

Kody Brown has dominated TLC audiences for nearly a decade. The reality show Sister Wives has entertained fans with its unique storyline.

Likewise, fans are fond of each member of the Brown family and are always eager to know something about them. However, because of the hatred in the family, Kody Brown expressed his concerns about the future of the show to viewers.

The audience of Sister Wives has been following the series for a long time. Therefore, it knows what is happening in the family. Each family member lives separately, and Kody’s polygamous family is shattered.

For this reason, Kody Brown addressed his fans in a cameo to talk about it. He first thanked viewers for enjoying the show. However, he added a troubling part and said that it has been a difficult year. In addition, Kody added that he hopes the Sister Wives audience will find the show interesting.

Looking at the patriarch’s worried expression, fans think there is more to it. With so many quarrels and disagreements, it might be difficult for the Browns’ boss to maintain peace in the family. Likewise, Daddy Brown has limited contact with his children and focuses only on Robyn’s children.

Therefore, instead of revitalizing the relationship, Kody has done nothing. Therefore, it is likely that Father Brown feels that the audience has lost interest in the show. In addition, Kody addressed the negativity of the family.

But viewers want the Brown Head to improve his behaviour. What’s more, they want him to start a family again. But if Kody fails to do so, the show could see a red light. That’s because every member of the Browns has started living their own lives and wants nothing to do with television. So maybe that’s what Kody is afraid of. And to do that, Kody needs to mend his relationship with the rest of Brown.

’Sister Wives’: Canceled Or Renewed For Season 17

Kody Brown and his family have seen numerous falls over the years. And now the family dynamic has reached a point where every member of the Browns wants to be free of the drama. So TLC may cancel the 17th season of Sister Wives. That’s not happening, however. Namely, Paedon Brown mentioned that the family has started filming a new season since February. What’s more, even Janelle and Christine Brown welcomed the news that the season will start filming.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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