Sister Wives: Janelle Brown says television is different from real life

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown says television is different from real life

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is talking about her weight loss. Her fans praised her for looking much healthier this season. She has become a fan favourite because of her relaxed approach. Although the TLC star looks good, there’s a downside to her weight loss that’s often overlooked. Janelle revealed the shocking side effect of her weight loss, and now fans are listening.

Sister Wives: Janelle says television is different from real life

As reported on the TV show Ace, the new season of Sister Wives was shot over a year ago. In fact, that infamous Christmas Eve episode about Kody Brown’s big house plans was filmed in Christmas 2018. Janelle’s last appearance on the show was also filmed many months ago. What fans see on television is what Janelle looked like then.

She has lost weight in those episodes due to a new healthy lifestyle. Janelle Brown has been trying to stick to this new lifestyle for years and it shows. She was open and honest on her fan trip. Janelle doesn’t rely on drastic diets or surgery. She’s worked hard to lose weight and keep it away.

Fans have been noticing Janelle’s weight loss on Instagram. They praised his new healthy physique. They also noticed that he looks happier than ever.

‘Sister Wives’ star reveals downside to weight loss

Janelle Brown also credits yoga for helping her lose weight. She often shares on Instagram the fact of practicing yoga or taking walks while travelling. Janelle enjoys the benefits of both and loves being in nature. She has found a workout that improves her body and mind while she is in a beautiful landscape.

Looks like Janelle’s excited about her weight loss trip. She’s excited about losing weight. Who wouldn’t be? But she’s revealed a surprising side effect to weight loss. Janelle revealed that she’s never been told how losing weight can make you look older. She noticed that because of this she got more wrinkles, as reported by Soap Dirt.

Janelle doesn’t want to obsess over the weight loss itself. She wants to enjoy her newly discovered healthy journey. Apart from that side effect, she seems to be enjoying her weight loss. Her fans agree that it looks good on her.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown explains why Meri Brown didn’t move in with their fellow Sister Wives

On this season, Meri was the only one who struggled to settle into her new place after the entire family packed up and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. They had to move again because of problems with their landlord. Of course, many fans of Sister Wives wondered why her fellow women – Christine, Janelle and Robyn – didn’t stay with her temporarily, as PopCulture reports.

Janelle tweeted, “Meri runs a space-intensive business and we all moved into smaller houses than we had. The bedrooms are full. We had no choice.

Sister Wives fans still find Janelle’s response strange, considering that Meri is often left out of things. She has trouble bonding with other wives. Even though Meri hasn’t found a new home in Flagstaff, it can only be temporary. Kody Brown came up with the idea of moving all four of his wives and their children into one big house. But in Sunday night’s episode, he has regrets about it.

However, Janelle Brown was the only one who was on board with the idea. His fellow wives and their children were not so happy to hear his plans, especially at Christmas of all time. Some of them thought it was inappropriate for Kody Brown to pull out a projector on what was supposed to be a joyous occasion.

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