Sister Wives: Who Said What and When Did They Say It

Sister Wives: Who Said What and When Did They Say It

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown pops up in the new 2021 season promo and it looks like she had a good reason to stay silent since the previous season ended. Or at least it looks like the youngest Sister Wives lady is struggling in this latest teaser trailer released by TLC.

This time Sister Wives doesn’t focus on Meri Brown’s woes. Although it seems she still feels rejected by Kody Brown. From what is revealed in the new Season 15 promo, it is Christine Brown who is rattling her co-wives, especially Robyn.

TLC promos are notorious for their edited clips. So, veteran viewers know enough to take a step back before they get too excited about what they see. But it’s hard to edit out the snarky comments Christine Brown puts in this new season teaser trailer.

Robyn says she “can’t trust her” and it is assumed she means Christine Brown. A piece of this promo video also shows Christine Brown looking at Robyn and telling her that they don’t really need to do anything together. It comes across as sarcastic and taunting on Christine’s part.

According to the previews, it seems that Robyn says to another Sister Wives spouse, “If you know she is actually trying to sabotage your [marriage] relationship with Kody, then you can’t trust her.” The assumption here is that Robyn is referring to Christine as the saboteur.

Sister Wives: Who Said What and When Did They Say It

So, it sounds like Robyn is talking about not trusting Christine. It also sounds like the third Sister Wives lady is out to sabotage Robyn’s marriage to their common-law husband. But at the same time, followers of Sister Wives should probably take note of the freedoms TLC is known for when it comes to editing.

The question everyone should be asking is where did these rules come from? They should also ask themselves if the promo took them out of context or not. The Sister Wives fans a taste of drama coming from Season 15 in this merged promo. After watching the video below, you might agree that they achieved that drama.

Written by Emma Fisher

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