What Happened to Jeanne Covey After My 600-lb Life?

What Happened to Jeanne Covey After My 600-lb Life?

Jeanne Covey appeared on Season 7 of the popular reality TV show My 600-lb Life. She weighed 702 lbs when she first appeared. She wanted to change her life and asked Dr. Now, a famous bariatric surgeon, for help. But things didn’t go as expected.

When they first met, Dr. Now said Jeanne was in a very critical condition. He didn’t think gastric bypass surgery would help her because she had a deep-rooted eating disorder. He told her to make urgent changes to her lifestyle, but she struggled to make progress. It was even harder for her because her father died and her mother got sick. Jeanne only lost 23 pounds before leaving the show. Fans were confused about what happened to her.

Even though her time on the show ended without much happening, Jeanne didn’t disappear completely. She sued the show, saying the producers were negligent while filming. She said they made up stories about the cast members’ mental health problems. The lawsuit has gotten a lot of attention, but there aren’t many details.

My 600-lb Life: Where Is Jeanne Covey Now?

If you follow Jeanne Covey on social media, you know she has been successful in losing weight. She now weighs 388 lbs. She didn’t have surgery, which proves her critics wrong. She lives in Roe, Arkansas, and used to work as a Teacher’s Aide at a preschool.

Jeanne loves animals and supports fundraisers for animal welfare. She recently lost one of her dogs and thanked people on social media for their kind messages. She has a boyfriend and shared a romantic picture in February 2021.

We don’t know much about her career, but one thing is clear: Jeanne has turned her life around. Her story isn’t over yet. She still loves entertainment wrestling, which she says has helped her lose weight.

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