What Happened to Jeanne Covey After My 600-lb Life?

What Happened to Jeanne Covey After My 600-lb Life?

When Jeanne Covey first made her appearance on Season 7 of the widely-followed reality TV show My 600-lb Life, the Las Vegas native weighed a staggering 702 lbs. With hopes of radically altering her life, she sought help from renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Now. But what unfolded was far from the fairy tale transformation that many have come to expect from the show.

Dr. Now identified Jeanne Covey as being in an “extremely critical state” upon their first meeting. Contrary to expectations, the doctor concluded that gastric bypass surgery wouldn’t alleviate her deep-rooted eating disorder. Urgent lifestyle changes were advised, but Jeanne found herself struggling to make any meaningful progress. Complicating matters were personal tragedies: the loss of her father and her mother’s illness took a toll on her mental health. According to reports, Jeanne Covey only managed to lose a mere 23 pounds before exiting the show, leaving fans and followers puzzled about her journey.

While her on-screen journey came to an uneventful end, Jeanne Covey didn’t step out of the limelight completely. She filed a lawsuit against the show, alleging negligence on the part of the producers during filming. She even claimed that the production team manipulated the cast members’ mental health struggles to craft alternative storylines. The lawsuit has generated considerable buzz, although details remain scant. Read more about the lawsuit here.

My 600-lb Life: Where Is Jeanne Covey Now?

If you follow Jeanne on social media, you would know that she has been scripting her own success story, away from the public eye. Remarkably, she has managed to lose significant weight, bringing the scale down to 388 lbs. All this was accomplished without undergoing bariatric surgery, thereby proving her critics wrong. She currently resides in Roe, Arkansas, and according to her Facebook bio, she was previously employed as a Teacher’s Aide at a preschool.

Jeanne has also been quite vocal about her love for animals and has actively supported various fundraisers related to animal welfare. Recently, she went through the devastating loss of one of her dogs but took to social media to thank those who sent her comforting messages. In the realm of personal life, Jeanne has been living happily with her boyfriend and even shared a romantic snapshot back in February 2021.

While her career details are kept under wraps, one thing is certain: Jeanne Covey has rekindled her life in a way that deserves attention. The story doesn’t end here; Jeanne continues to be a considerable fan of entertainment wrestling, a hobby she claims has played a significant role in her weight loss journey.

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