What Is My 600-lb Life Star Cindy Vela Doing Today?

What Is My 600-lb Life Star Cindy Vela Doing Today?

After nine seasons and dozens of patients, fans of TLC’s medical reality series My 600-lb Life know that patient outcomes can vary widely. Those who turn to Dr. Now to reclaim their lives and bodies from morbid obesity often struggle with his calorie-restricted diet, exercise regimen and psychotherapy requirements.

A unique few strike out on their own, offering little resistance to Dr. Now’s demands. But more typically, the participants initially reject the doctor’s programme before finally coming to terms with the awful reality of their physical condition. And, of course, there are those whose food addictions and emotional traumas prove too powerful to overcome, despite Dr. Now’s best efforts and stern warnings.

“The final season of My 600-lb Life stood out from its predecessors not only because it featured not only the patient with the greatest weight loss in the series’ history, but also several patients with extremely small weight losses. Unfortunately, Cindy Vela, who appeared in episode 4 of season 9, was among those with poor results.

What Is My 600-lb Life Star Cindy Vela Doing Today?

During a flashback at the beginning of each patient episode, viewers learned that Cindy Vela, like many of the patients in the series, had been sexually assaulted as a young girl, which led her to turn to food. Her food addiction worsened after her parents’ divorce.

After years of binge eating, Cindy Vela reached 500 pounds by the age of 30 and almost 615 pounds by the age of 45. As the early stages of her episode reveal, Cindy is almost entirely bedridden and totally dependent on home health care workers.

Unfortunately, her current home nurse, Denise, is one of Dr. Now’s notorious assistants. Denise not only prepares Cindy Vela super-sized and unhealthy food, but she also advises Cindy not to seek Dr. Now’s help (via Distractify).

Luckily, Cindy Vela’s former assistant Sandy manages to persuade her to see Dr. Now. However, asking for help and actually receiving it are two very different things. Vela struggles with the Dr. Now program, complaining about small meals and the exercise required. When Cindy is given a goal to lose 70 pounds, she only loses 40, which remains her only weight loss during the episode (via Inquisitr). Little is known about Cindy’s current condition. By the end of the episode, Cindy’s weight was back up to 600 pounds. There are no recent photos on her Facebook page, although The Cinemaholic notes that this is likely due to TLC’s contractual terms. While Dr. Now became frustrated with Cindy’s lack of effort, perhaps she’ll take her journey again and participate in some “Where Are They Now?” episodes. episode.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.

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