Where Is Cindy Vela From My 600-Lb Life Now?

Where Is Cindy Vela From My 600-Lb Life Now?

When Cindy Vela first appeared on the TLC show “My 600-Lb Life,” she made quite an impression, and not necessarily a good one.

Many patients visit Dr. Now at a critical health juncture. Weight issues often stem from larger underlying problems like trauma or mental health conditions.

Some patients, like the Assanti brothers, leave a negative mark due to their inconsistent behavior. Cindy seemed to fall into this category.

According to Soap Dirt, Cindy not only missed her initial appointment with Dr. Now but also showed little motivation to follow his advice.

Where Is Cindy Vela From My 600-Lb Life Now?

Cindy Vela doesn’t post much on her Facebook page, but she shares a lot of positive posts. Her latest post, shared on March 14, encourages her followers to have a “beautiful day”. Although Cindy seems to be keeping the mood bright, some of her followers have not followed suit.  In another positive post, one fan commented on how Cindy should “fight” for what she wants. “Not much evidence of fighting at all, just avoidance of the issue and wanting to keep the status quo!” she wrote.

This so-called lack of “fighting” is criticized by Dr. Now. Patients must take charge of their health. Without following the weight loss program, surgery isn’t an option. Assessing Cindy’s health via social media is unreliable.

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