What Is My 600-lb Life Star James Bedard Doing Today?

What Is My 600-lb Life Star James Bedard Doing Today?

During the filming of his episode My 600-Lb. Life, James Bedard suffered a sudden and tragic loss. He explained to the cameras that his father had died. James revealed that the whole family struggles with sudden and unexpected loss.

During therapy, James Bedard reveals that his father fell to the ground, had a heart attack and could not be revived.

James Bedard was forced to call Dr. Now and have his next appointment postponed for a month. He explained to Dr. Now that he was busy picking up the emotional pieces of his family. While Dr. Now is not in favor of people putting anything ahead of their health, he understood James Bedard’ tragic loss.

A month passed and James Bedard decided to avoid Dr. Now. He said he believed he had made progress with his weight loss. But he was still dealing with the sudden death of his father.

So he couldn’t come to Houston. He wasn’t sure how to tell Dr. Now, so he just avoided him. Dr. Now called James and told him he needed to take his butt to Houston for a follow-up. So he did.

In six months, James Bedard lost barely 20 pounds. James is happy with his progress. Dr. Now points out, however, that it will take him 10 years to lose weight at this rate.

Unfortunately, as we have previously reported, there is not much up-to-date information on where James Bedard is at the moment. We do know that he lost 119 kilos during the year the production team tracked him for the episode ‘My 600-Lb. Life. However, the lack of his social media profiles prevents fans from getting further updates on where he currently stands.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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