What Is My 600-lb Life Star Larry Myers Doing Today?

What Is My 600-lb Life Star Larry Myers Doing Today?

When Larry Myers, 45, of Albany, New York, first appeared on our screens in Episode 13, he admitted to living in constant pain because of his massive frame. After all, in addition to living with asthma, sleep apnea, thyroid and depression, he also struggled with extreme lymphedema in his right leg, which affected his overall mobility.

That’s why Larry Myers couldn’t stand for more than 4 minutes at a time and needed a cane or walker to get around, causing his stamina to plummet as well. Well, it all goes back to the germaphobe’s difficult childhood.

Larry Myers grew up in a seemingly happy home with his parents and three sisters, but he started gaining weight very early on because his mother showed him affection by feeding him. Unfortunately, however, once this combined with his dyslexia, it led to him being ridiculed at school, triggering his unhealthy relationship with food because of the comfort he found there.

Larry Myers’s unhealthy eating habits only became extreme after he lost his young nephew “Little Larry” – proudly named after him and his father – when he was just a teenager himself.

By then Larry had found faith and fallen in love with gospel singing, but he couldn’t fill the void in his heart as he had done before when he was bullied. Nevertheless, he continued on this path in an effort to move forward and even became a professional performer until things ran out of steam on their own. He was still addicted to food, though, only to reach a breaking point when one of his sisters and his mother died within eight months. Weighing 940 pounds, the fall at the latter’s funeral and the 12-day coma Larry fell into some time later prompted him to lose weight.

The former singer then spent two and a half years in a nursing home, worked hard and successfully underwent gastric sleeve surgery to lose more than 600 pounds.

However, unable to adequately deal with the pain and depression, his efforts were wasted as he fell back into old habits after losing another sister. So, Larry got to 648 pounds again before he realized he didn’t want to die, gradually figured out what he needed to do, and decided to get in touch with Dr. Now for another chance.

What Is My 600-lb Life Star Larry Myers Doing Today?

Initially, Larry Myers had some trouble with out-of-state travel and following Dr. Now’s intense program, but he adapted to situations to do what was best for him. After all, at the end of 12 months, he had not only moved to Houston, Texas, for good, but he had also lost a whopping 119 pounds.

That’s when Larry was told that if he remained consistent with his weight loss, he would soon be approved for his second gastric surgery, which prompted him to start improving his mobility through extra exercises as well.

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