What Is Ryan Barkdoll Up To After My 600-lb Life?

What Is Ryan Barkdoll Up To After My 600-lb Life?

In the realm of reality television, TLC’s “My 600-lb Life” has become a potent symbol of human resilience and transformation. This show has guided numerous individuals on their inspiring weight loss journeys under the supervision of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, widely known as “Dr. Now”. But not all stories end in triumph. One such account is that of Ryan Barkdoll from Season 10, whose trajectory on the show has taken a different path. This article provides the latest insights on Ryan’s life, his trials and tribulations, and his current status.

My 600-lb Life: Early Years – Ryan Barkdoll’s Struggle with Weight and Addiction

Ryan Barkdoll’s journey into obesity was fuelled by a string of personal tragedies and difficulties. Born and raised in Oregon, Ryan was shuffled off to his grandparents’ care at a young age, sparking a damaging relationship with food that led to him weighing 100 lbs by age 10.

Subsequent tragedies, including the death of his beloved grandfather and the discovery of his biological father’s drug-ridden past and demise, sent Ryan further down this spiral. By 17, he had reached a weight of over 300 lbs and was succumbing to drug abuse.

Ryan Barkdoll sought a fresh start by joining the Job Corps at 18 and aspiring to become a welder. However, these plans didn’t pan out, and Ryan returned home, slipping back into old, unhealthy patterns. An opportunity in Montana presented itself, but Ryan’s size led to his termination. To provide better support, his mother and her boyfriend relocated to Montana.

The Journey on My 600-lb Life

Weighing in at a staggering 740 lbs, Ryan Barkdoll started his journey on “My 600-lb Life” from his recliner chair in Montana. With hopes of one day living independently and starting a family, Ryan turned to Dr. Now’s program.

Despite the straightforward nature of the program—1,200 calories, no-carb diet—Ryan resisted the offered help. His disregard for the rules and his penchant for sneaking junk food posed significant roadblocks in his progress. Plans for moving to Houston to join Dr. Now’s full program were mooted, but sadly, Ryan chose to disconnect from the program and went off-grid as of December 2021.

My 600-lb Life: Ryan Barkdoll – Where is He Now?

Following his abrupt departure from the show, Ryan stepped away from public attention. While there’s little information regarding his current state, it’s believed that he continues to reside in Columbia Falls, Montana. Whether he’s still battling his weight issues or has sought other avenues for help remains unknown.

“My 600-lb Life” provides a platform for participants to undergo incredible transformations. Yet, the tale of Ryan Barkdoll serves as a reminder that the path to health and well-being can be fraught with difficulty and setbacks. Although the outcome for Ryan was unfortunate, his story will continue to resonate with many and underscore the urgent need for support and empathy in battling obesity.

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