What Is Ryan Barkdoll Up To After My 600-lb Life?

What Is Ryan Barkdoll Up To After My 600-lb Life?

Ryan Barkdoll’s path to obesity began with personal tragedies. He grew up in Oregon, raised by his grandparents. This early separation triggered unhealthy eating habits. At just 10, he weighed 100 lbs.

More misfortunes followed. His grandfather passed away. Then, Ryan learned about his father’s troubled past. By 17, he hit 300 lbs and struggled with drugs.

To start anew, Ryan joined Job Corps at 18. Dreaming of becoming a welder, he faced setbacks. Returning home, old habits resurfaced. He tried Montana but faced job loss due to his weight. His mom and her boyfriend moved to support him.

The Journey on My 600-lb Life

Weighing 740 lbs, Ryan Barkdoll began his journey on “My 600-lb Life” in Montana. Hoping to live independently and start a family, Ryan joined Dr. Now’s program.

The program was simple: 1,200 calories, no-carb diet. However, Ryan struggled to follow the rules. Sneaking junk food became a major obstacle to his progress.

Although plans to move to Houston with Dr. Now’s full program were discussed, Ryan decided to leave the program in December 2021.

My 600-lb Life: Ryan Barkdoll – Where is He Now?

After leaving the show suddenly, Ryan retreated from the spotlight. There isn’t much info on his current status, but it’s thought he’s still in Columbia Falls, Montana. It’s unclear if he’s still struggling with weight or seeking help elsewhere.

My 600-lb Life” showcases amazing transformations. But, Ryan’s story highlights the challenges and setbacks on the road to health. While Ryan’s journey had a sad ending, it reminds us of the importance of support and understanding in the fight against obesity.

Written by Lauren Rottman

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