When Does Alaskan Bush People Season 14 Come Out?

When Does Alaskan Bush People Season 14 Come Out?

Alaskan Bush People had a very emotional season 13 for both the Brown family and their fans. What began as a season in which Billy Brown seemed to be setting the future for the family, fell dramatically to the cause of the family and the fans.

Billy Brown died after suffering a stroke in the family home. With Billy Brown’s disappearance, many fans wondered if their beloved show would end and if his family would leave the spotlight.

The 14th season of Alaskan Bush People has not yet been updated. However, the Brown family continued filming after Billy Brown’s death, and his son Bear Brown said they plan to continue production on the series.

With this statement, it’s up to Discovery to decide if they want to bring the series back for another season without Billy.

When Does Alaskan Bush People Season 14 Come Out?

As the programme has not received an actual public update, it is not known when it might be broadcast again. As the last season ran from September to November, fans could expect it to premiere towards the end of summer 2022.

It is likely that the series will only air once in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 protocol. There could be multiple seasons in 2022, but with Billy Brown’s departure, that doesn’t seem likely.

If there is more than one season, the first could arrive in May or June. Otherwise, expect it back in August or September.

There are a few storylines that Alaskan Bush People Season 14 could cover. In Ami Brown’s case, it would be her life moving on without her beloved husband Billy Brown.

For Bear Brown, it would be her continuing relationship with the mother of her child, Raiven Adams. She has moved back to Lom and it looks like they are back together. Noah Brown also has a growing family and shared photos online of his latest baby, who may be introduced to fans in Alaskan Bush People Season 14.

As the youngest sibling, Rain Brown has suffered a lot since the death of her father. Before Billy Brown’s death, she talked to Rain about gold mining on their property and he bought the necessary equipment. This venture could happen next season.

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