Where Is Doug Armstrong From My 600-Lb Life Now?

Where Is Doug Armstrong From My 600-Lb Life Now?

Weighing in at 685 kilos,Doug Armstrong dreaded waking up every morning. He couldn’t even get out of bed, his body wracked with pain, without the help of his wife Ashley. He felt guilty and ashamed that he had to rely on her so much, believing that there would come a time when she would draw the line and say enough was enough. For Ashley, her love for Doug Armstrong was obvious, but raising a 4-year-old child and newborn twins while caring for her husband was exhausting.

In a flashback at the beginning of each episode, Doug Armstrong shared the story of his tumultuous youth. With his military father away from the family, his mother was left largely alone to raise him and his brother.

When Doug Armstrong was about six years old, his mother abandoned her two children and left them with their mothers-in-law. Doug’s father brought in several nannies and friends to take care of the boys while he was away. When he was 8, Doug’s nanny’s son molested him. He then turned to food for comfort, which caused a weight gain that went unchecked for years.

By the seventh class, Doug Armstrong had reached 200 kilos. By the age of 18, he was around 350 pounds. And by the time he was 26, he was 450 pounds. Divorced from his first wife, Doug started partying, and that’s when he met Ashley. They went out for a while until Ashley got tired of partying. After the break-up, Doug sank into a deeper depression.

While food had been his main drug for most of his life, Doug Armstrong now began to abuse methamphetamine, until he was using meth “all day, every day” for two years. Fortunately, Doug was able to get off the drugs and rebuild his relationship with Ashley. But even though he had stopped using methamphetamine, his food addiction continued, pushing his weight into the 660-pound range.

Unable to work and barely able to walk, Doug Armstrong knew something had to change, so he headed to Houston to see Dr. Now, where he was shocked to discover that his weight had risen to 685 pounds. Dr. Now set Doug a goal of losing 50 pounds in the first month to qualify for weight loss surgery.

Although he made some progress, Doug Armstrong fell far short of the goal, but the failure helped boost his commitment to the program. By the end of the second month, Doug had lost a total of 84 pounds and was approved for weight loss surgery.

Where Is Doug Armstrong From My 600-Lb Life Now?

In the wake of the scolding, Doug Armstrong responded by cancelling two consecutive appointments with Dr Now, prompting the doctor to call him and encourage him to continue his commitment to the programme.

At his next visit, Doug Armstrong’s weight had gone up another three pounds. By continuing therapy, and with the help of his wife, Doug was able to get back on track and drop 79 kilos in two months – the first time in years that he was under 400 kilos. Thanks to his progress, he became eligible for the first of several skin-removal operations.

Dr. Now removed seven pounds of skin and fat from Doug’s arms. “Where are they now?” By the end of the episode, Doug was working his way down to 328 pounds to undergo a second skin removal surgery.

The last official update on Doug Armstrong’s journey was “Where Are They Now?” episode in 2018. According to his Facebook page, he and Ashley welcomed a new baby into their family in 2019. While there is no update on Doug’s weight loss on his page, there is one photo from 2020 that suggests Doug is still working towards his goals. Hopefully the upcoming “Where Are They Now?” will show. episode will show Doug’s continued progress.

Written by Evelyn Foster


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