Where Is Lucas Higdon, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

Where Is Lucas Higdon, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

When Lucas Higdon first appeared on our screens in episode 9 of season 10, he confessed that he “lives in despair because of his massive body”. The 33-year-old from Conroe, Texas, who lives with his family in their complex, even added that he can still get around, but it’s hard, tiring and time-consuming.

So he had to rely on his family for the simplest things, earning money just by babysitting and homeschooling his niece and nephew. Lucas realised, however, that he needed to change his habits if he wanted to be self-sufficient, which prompted him to start the Dr. Now programme.

Like most people who turn to food for comfort and end up addicted, Lucas Higdon grew up in an unstable family where he felt mostly neglected and unloved. He comes from a family of six brothers and sisters, but it wasn’t until his twin daughters were born when he was four that he was put on the back burner and realised that eating made him feel better.

Lucas Higdon was in fact a hyper child, but because of second helpings and constant eating, he gradually started to gain weight. In fact, before the age of ten, he was over 160 kilos, which only increased over the years.

Lucas Higdon lost weight on the instruction of coaches when he started playing football in high school, but soon after graduating he slipped back into his old habits. From being asked to drop out of college and losing his job as a pizza delivery boy, to video game addiction and anxiety and depression, they all contributed to his weight gain, eventually reaching 619 kilograms. Despite all of this, Lucas still proved determined to turn a new page, losing an astonishing 80 kilos in just three months to gain clearance for weight loss surgery.

Where Is Lucas Higdon, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

Lucas Higdon had some challenges, but he was able to achieve positive results because he had the support and willpower of his whole family to stick to Dr. Now’s diet and exercise plan. Moreover, not only did the medical procedure go well, but he got back on his feet fairly quickly to go back to the gym for some more high intensity workouts with his personal trainer. Lucas showed time and time again that he’s more than ready to start a new chapter in his life, so it’s no surprise that he finished his episode at 401 pounds, which makes his total weight loss 218 pounds.

Lucas has always dreamed of working in the IT industry and seems to be close to achieving this goal, as he currently seems to be working for a local company as a computer repairer and hopes to continue his studies. Not only that, but despite still living with his family, he is now more independent, especially as he can now even drive a car on his own.

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