Where Is Tamy Lyn Murrell From My 600-Lb Life Now?

Where Is Tamy Lyn Murrell From My 600-Lb Life Now?

My 600-Lb Life highlights how people who fall into the extreme obesity category are not just eating disordered. There are often deep-rooted psychological issues at play that have affected the people featured in the series. This is very evident in the case of Tamy Lyn Murrell in season 6. She had a heartbreaking backstory involving the death of her father and subsequent neglect by her mother. By the time she was an adult on the TLC reality series, her weight had ballooned to 591 kilograms.

Fans will undoubtedly remember one moment in her episode where she had to sit in the aisle because doing the laundry became too physically difficult for her.  It was a long journey, but she knew she had to make a change and turned to Austin’s Dr. Now. With his guidance, she lost over 200 pounds by the end of the episode, ending up at 346 pounds when viewers last saw her.

At the end of the episode, she also revealed that she and her husband, James, were living separately because he had been unfaithful to her. 

Where Is Tamy Lyn Murrell From My 600-Lb Life Now?

Tamy Lyn Murrell seems to have stuck to exercise and a healthier diet, as her recent Facebook photos show her looking great. The pictures also show her enjoying her time as a grandmother as she dresses up in fun costumes with her children and takes them shopping.

Not only that, but if you follow her on social media, you may have noticed that she’s also made up with her husband.  After the disappointing revelation at the end of her My 600-Lb Life episode that her husband cheated on her, they have apparently reconciled. On December 25, 2019, she posted a photo of her husband getting down on one knee and proposing again to show how much he truly loves her.

Outside of that, he’s constantly posting about all the healthier food alternatives he’s become accustomed to during this journey, including low-carb bread and Brussels sprouts. Such choices would undoubtedly appeal to Dr. Now, as low-carb options are the cornerstone of his signature eating plan.

Hopefully, he will stick to what has been successful and what has allowed him to become one of the most stunning success stories in the history of My 600-Lb Life. 

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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