Little People, Big World: Amy Showed Off Handmade Mask

Little People, Big World: Amy Showed Off Handmade Mask

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is taking the fall. On Saturday, she shared a selfie with herself and her fiancé. She and her boyfriend Chris Marek are picking up the luggage in the picture.

They stopped at a local pizzeria. The TLC star and her boyfriend are out with their pizza. Amy uses this post to encourage Little People, Big World fans to support small businesses. She writes, “I can’t wait to get back to some kind of normalcy and go here and eat great food and listen to music again. One day soon. Meanwhile – ♥️”

While he focuses on small businesses, his social media followers have taken note of something else. In the photo, Amy Roloff is not wearing any kind of protective gear. She’s not wearing a mask or gloves, and neither is Chris. Immediately, her followers began to comment on it. Some wonder why she doesn’t wear a mask or gloves. She hasn’t answered yet.

A fan is encouraging her to “set an example”. After all, Amy Roloff has over a million Instagram followers. She could definitely use her platform for good. Fans appreciate her supporting small business. But they don’t think she’s taking the coronavirus seriously enough. Some celebrities have started using their platforms to encourage their followers to stay at home or wear masks. Amy could easily do the same.

Little People, Big World: Amy Showed Off Handmade Mask

Last Saturday, Amy Roloff shared an Instagram post with an autograph. In the photo, she’s in a store and wearing a mask. In the comments section, she reveals that a friend made a lot of masks, so that’s where Amy took one. And in her post, she encourages her followers to “stay safe out there”.

LPBW fans aren’t sure why Amy should wear a mask to the store, but not to get pizza. The posts were shared within six hours of each other. They think she should wear a mask if she has one.

Amy upset the Little People, Big World fans when she didn’t take social dancing seriously. She and Chris spent some time at the beach. Although this is a tradition for them, now is not the time for tradition, unfortunately. Many people all over the world have to cancel all kinds of events.

In response to the sight of Amy Roloff spending time at the beach, fans were sure to leave messages encouraging her to stay home. They tried to educate her about the severity of the coronavirus. Fortunately, it seems she’s taking it more seriously now and at least staying home. Let’s hope her followers can convince her to start wearing a mask.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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  1. Just because Amy and Chris don’t wear masks 24/7 does not make them bad people everybody has a lot on their plate right now and as long as they’re safe they’re fine people get off the social media train start believing in God and not the devil your weak mind are being brainwashed and Amy and Chris are doing nothing wrong you people are laying low self-esteem weak-minded to believe the social media be adults think for yourself Common Sense people common sense because what you’re showing your children right now is that a government a communist can control your life this is America land of the free and you’re proving that wrong he might as well move to Europe where they have Communist States and let people and politics control you this is Land of the Free People free freedom just be safe quit listening to social media get your life back start thinking for yourself again my goodness this is getting so ridiculous the only devil here is the social media they are in control and people are stupid enough to believe their every word just like the enquiry just like People magazine people read it because they believed it wow what is this Society coming to again Amy and Chris are doing nothing wrong

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